2020 We Kan! Conference
Rural is an opportunity: Inventional outcomes
What if we focused on the opportunity of living in a rural community rather than the doomsday reports and all the things that needed fixing? Inventional outcomes" refers to how we can "invent a new method or process" to address a rural issue. What would it hurt if we tried to push the boundaries of normal operating procedures? What would hurt if we looked at things that are working and built on those solid blocks? Let's play with this and see what it unlocks.
Here's what the conference is all about
The We Kan! Conference will consist of breakout sessions, interactive opportunities, and group presenters. It will be an energetic and positive event designed to promote forward-thinking and action for Kansas communities. Dozens of topics that impact rural communities will be presented from those who have had success. The added-value component will be discussion about how to look at possible solutions from an "inventive", or creative point of view. Next week we'll send out an e-blast with the topics were chasing down.

Who are the presenters? The presenters will be those among you who have found solutions, great ideas, or pathways that work.

Who should attend? Community leaders, dynamic doers, economic or community development directors, tourism people, entrepreneurs, and volunteer-led chambers of commerce, state agency staff and rural advocates. Small communities, this is especially designed for you!
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What does We Kan! mean?
  • The "We" refers to the fact that it takes all of us acting as a team, a giant network, to help move rural communities forward.

  • The "Kan" obviously is the first three letters of Kansas but, moreso, it refers to the fact that we need to be optimistic about this hard but rewarding work.

  • The "!" is important because it takes enthusiasm to keep up the pace.