The Year 2019 closing out and we are all still in an extremely strong Economy looking forward to 2020. Are you ready for it?

With a new year comes new goals and new opportunities...maybe 2020's goal it to start developing an exit strategy. We have complied a five point check list if Exit is on the Horizon:

  • How is my life – work balance? Is the business running you or you running the Business. If the Business is running you, what changes are necessary to free you up?
  • Your Strategy and Business Plan are actionable, and your Management Team is monitoring and responsible.
  • You have a Plan to train your Employees to be ready for future challenges.
  • Your Exit Strategy and Plan is in Place, and is executable
  • You plan time to prepare for retirement and practice your hobbies to see if you are ready for it. 

If you are unsure of any of your answers to these items, contact us today! We would love the opportunity to help you and your business in 2020.