CoHousing Solutions Newsletter | January 2020
Launching the next 500 Communities Program
We have launched into a new decade, and with it we are launching into a new 500 Communities training. This will be our fourth class of students, and we can't wait to welcome everyone on board.

Have you thought about getting more involved with cohousing? We don't just mean forming a group and living in community, we mean within your line of work.

Maybe you're interested in sustainable community design. Maybe you're thinking about bringing cohousing into your real estate repertoire. Maybe you're pondering what it would be like to be a project manager for developing communities, or how you can help facilitate more communities in your area.

Consider our 500 Communities Program, created to equip cohousing professionals to go out and build the next 500 cohousing communities.
Training the Next Wave of Cohousing Professionals
The 500 Communities Program is a 12 month course designed to train collaborators to meet the expanding need for professional support in creating new communities.

The program is applicable to many different job fields, and was designed with all means of collaborative development in mind.

It's intention is not to teach one model of cohousing, but to build on the lessons learned as we explore models of collaborative development not taught in university or trade school.

Beyond the curriculum, the program is providing a much needed community of cohousing and development professionals working in this space.
For the number of cohousing and other intentional communities to continue to grow, there must be a professional world facilitating growth. There must be realtors and sales people who understand how to market cohousing, loan officers who understand the uniqueness of a cohousing construction loan, developers and project managers who understand the importance of social community, and academics who can study the benefits of living in community.
The Details . . .
If you are interested in this program we encourage you to check out more details on our website and attend the live webinar given by Katie McCamant. During the webinar Katie will discuss the curriculum as well as the program details, and answer a few questions.
In Other News . . .
2020 is off to a strong start . . .
Cohousing communities across the country have entered 2020 with a renewed sense of strength and energy, and we predict this is going to be a busy year for CoHousing Solutions . . .

In recent months eight (yes, 8!) of our client groups have gotten land under contract.

Haystack Heights in Spokane, WA, received a positive construction appraisal, and expects to break ground this February.

The residents of both Village Hearth and Fair Oaks EcoHousing are preparing to move into their new communities within the next couple of months.

Katie McCamant has recently returned from Bozeman, CO where she completed her first Kick Off Workshop of the year with the Bozeman Cohousing group. She already has seven more workshops lined up where she will visit communities all over the country including Houston Cohousing, Northwest AgriVillage, and Mission Peak Cohousing.

2020 looks to be an exciting year for creating communities!
CoHousing Solutions Affiliates. . .
Several 500 Communities graduates and CoHousing Solutions affiliates are starting 2020 with new projects under their belts.

One of these graduates / affiliates is Roger Studley. Roger's company, Urban Moshav, is currently facilitating the formation of Berkeley Moshav, a vibrant, inclusive Jewish cohousing community in Berkeley, CA. Roger has recently secured land for the community, and is working full-steam-ahead to bring this unique community to life.
A new cohousing movie. . .
You may have heard about a new cohousing film by Chuck Durrett and The Cohousing Company. We are always excited about the release of a film that could open the door into the world of cohousing for it's viewers. While the film was centered around several of our local client communities, we were not part of the film's production in any way. However, stay tuned for a revision of the film, including an interview with Katie McCamant, community developer and cofounder of the the US cohousing movement.
We're Here to Help!
We provide development consulting services to help you create your sustainable neighborhood . Our team pioneered the development of cohousing in North America, and we have helped create dozens of successful communities.
Our newest venture involves training passionate cohousing entrepreneurs through the year-long 500 Communities Program .
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