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... and a Happy New Year! ♬♪
With one week left in 2019, we wanted to share some quick financial to-do's, interesting articles, and what we're looking forward to in 2020!

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Quote of the Month:
"No one has ever become poor by giving." -Anne Frank
How you know 2020 is going to be a great year:
Want to avoid being taxed on your RMD? Give it to charity!

Investors 70.5 and older who are charitably minded and holding significant assets in an IRA may want to consider making a qualified charitable distribution an annual ritual.

As tempting as it may be to ignore your finances during the holidays, we've got 7 things for you to consider since there's only 7 days left in 2019!
Snowflakes are stunning when you zoom in on them. Have you ever looked at pictures or held a magnifying glass to one?

Last week, we replaced our website with a new and improved version! We tidied things up, added new visuals, a couple of new pages, and re-worked a few sections. We are really excited about sharing it with you!

If you were to "zoom in" on our firm to see what we're like up close and personal , we think you'd be delighted. At TVAMP, we have a unique way of helping clients, strong values, giving hearts, and we always put clients' best interest first. It's a way of life we call Living Invested® - (there's a brand NEW page on our site for that, too!)

Cap gains & tax savings...
Contribute to your IRA before April 15, 2020

L ike it or not, tax season is right around the corner! Remember: DEADLINE TO FILE TAXES & MAKE 2019 IRA CONTRIBUTIONS is APRIL 15, 2020. Retirement contributions for later = tax benefits now.

* Articles We Read This Month *

  • With year-end rapidly approaching, now is the time to make some tax-smart moves for 2019, before the big ball comes down (or at least get some ideas for next year). Show me the tax hacks!
R E M I N D E R !
IRA owners 70.5 or older, make plans to take your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) before December 31st, 2019 to avoid IRS penalty tax!
Contact us to set up automatic deductions.
Our Christmas tree at our office in Jacksboro.

Outlook 2020 is here!

LPL Research's yearly Outlook publication always impresses us! Their team provides brilliant insight: "W e look forward to the year 2020 and a new decade, some key trends and market signals will be important to watch, including progress on U.S. - China trade discussions, an encouraging outlook from corporate America, and continued strength in consumer spending." BONUS: How the stock market may impact - and be impacted - by the election!
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TVAMP Events & Important Dates
  • Tuesday, December 24th - Christmas Eve (offices close at 1:00 PM)
  • Wednesday, December 25th - Christmas Day (offices closed)
  • Wednesday, January 1st - Happy New Year (offices closed)
  • Monday, January 20th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (offices closed)
  • Tuesday, January 14th: Social Security Lunch & Learn [webinar] More info coming soon!
  • Thursday, January 23rd - Live Invested with Us (Previously Breakfast With Us) "What's Up with Sustainable Investing?" More info coming soon
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