December 2020
As is our custom, we are using our final newsletter of the year to reflect back on our most popular blog entries from the last twelve months. Enjoy your favorites again and check out the ones you missed.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

5. Welcome to Food Insecurity
For the rest of us, the panic surrounding COVID-19, the associated hoarding of supplies, and the resulting empty shelves have inducted us into a sensation that so much of the human race has known, but we were too privileged to experience it firsthand. Welcome to food insecurity. Read More
4. No Bargaining Needed
As infants grow and eventually start eating solids, the worries about getting enough nutrition while avoiding “empty calories” commence. It’s stressful to be in charge of what your kids are eating (or not eating)! Read More
3. Emotional Eating in Quarantine
When my patients tell me that they are emotionally eating, I am not at all surprised. Emotional eating in times of stress and uncertainty is normal and, honestly, to be expected. Read More
2. Privilege and Cowardice: A Chronology
It is 1989, and I am a sixth grader struggling to adjust to life at Pollard Middle School. We are in music class. Instead of practicing their piano parts, two boys are sexually assaulting one of our classmates, laughing as they repeatedly grab her breasts. Read More
1. Coming Out
All of this was an attempt not to take up space in the world, to show that I, as a fat person, was aware of my horrible shortcomings and was not okay with being in this body. Read More
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