A Great Time to Procure Art 

While the global pandemic has wreaked havoc across business sectors (let alone personal lives), it has created a unique opportunity to procure original art, specifically from emerging and established mid-market artists. 

As key sources for an Artist's revenue (galleries, art fairs, showings) have been shuttered for 2020, and likely won't emerge in 2021, top Artists have sought to go directly to buyers, often at below-market, or without the expensive gallery markup, which can be as high as 70%. 

To support and encourage the procurement of exceptional Art for our designers, Berbere is launching two initiatives: 

1. Joint Venture with ArtistADay.com - Since 2007, a 14-year history of curating, featuring, and promoting the world’s top emerging artists, Artistaday.com is uniquely positioned to help designers source Art for client projects directly from the artist, with a specific focus on regional targeting. With 3800 Artists, over 60M unique visitors, 1.7B pages served, clients like Microsoft, Google, and private designers, Artistaday can source anything from single works to large multicampus installs. 

2. Local Artists Feature - Berbere will feature one Los Angeles artist every month, beginning with our favorite, a longtime personal friend, the highly acclaimed Bradford Stewart. Stewart's paintings are highly sought after internationally by architects, interior designers, and art consultants. We have 10 in our warehouse now... 

Please be on the lookout for more information about Artistaday.com and Berbere's Local Artist Feature in future emails.

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.
― Leonardo da Vinci