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  • Chef Spotlight on chefs Emira and Brian
  • Featured Health Tip - Skin Health
  • Whole30 Warm Apple Cereal Recipe
  • The Organic Cellar - Natural, Organic Wine
  • Food and Health News We're Reading
~ Chef Spotlight ~
Whole Health Everyday chefs are not your ordinary chefs!
Our chefs are focused on health. They have top safety certifications, continually stay educated and trained on new health and food knowledge, and are passionate about working one on one with clients to give them the best food for them!
Chef Brian - San Diego, California
A native of Boise, Idaho chef Brian always heard a calling for the outdoors and after graduating top of his class from Boise State Universities Culinary Arts program, he moved to the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There he quickly set off to heighten his culinary skills and develop flavors by working several sous chef positions for luxury hotels with world renowned chefs and culinarians. In his off time, Brian climbed the mountains in the summer and snowboarding them in the winter. 

His love of surfing eventually brought Brian to California where he lived in San Francisco for several years working in Michelin starred restaurants and landing a job as Executive Chef for a longtime catering company executing events for top Silicon Valley Clients handling events from 2-2000 guests.

Specialty Diet Cuisine expertise: Vegetarian/Vegan/Keto/Paleo/Gluten Free
Chef Emira - Orange County, California
Chef Emira studied at the La Cuisine Culinary Art Professional Chef Program and graduated with distinction in 2015. Since then, she has also become certified in a Nutrition course. Emira's passion for food is with Mediterranean cuisine as she grew up on the coast of the Mediterranean! She takes full advantage of the wide variety of fresh ingredients found in the area, especially the local produce from Farmers' Markets. Emira's passion is cooking clean, healthy foods with tons of flavor! Whether it's plant based, low carb, or other diet you're after, chef Emira has amazing recipes and talent.

Marriott Cooking School
Regional Marriott Master of the Craft
Westin Hotel Cooking Competition Winner

Specialty Diet Cuisine expertise: Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Carb, Mediterranean, Plant Based, Vegan, and Vegetarian
~ Featured Health Tip ~
As we approach the second week of the new year, many of us have chosen to be active and eat better for our New Years resolution but what does that really mean? Activity and whole food diets are very important for not only our overall health inside our bodies but our skin as well.
~ Featured Recipe ~
2021, a bright new year and another opportunity to get back on track with our health goals. Whole 30 has been a very popular diet for a number of years for good reason; it focuses on consuming lean meats, vegetables and fruits and eliminates potentially inflammatory foods like dairy, grains and processed sugars.
~Articles Our Chefs Are Reading~
Our chefs are continuously educating themselves on the latest news and information in the world of food and health. Here are some of the articles our chefs are reading today:

"13 Crispy, Juicy Chicken Thigh Recipes" - Chicken thighs are highly underrated! While many people prefer to buy chicken breasts, thighs are less costly and more flavorful.

"Cauliflower Rice Can Be Great" - Cauliflower rice may seem like one of those trends that passed you by, but this article helps us understand how to make cauliflower rice the right way.

"5 Cassava Benefits" - Are you sick of substituting potatoes for sweet potatoes? Cassava is another healthy carb that can help you mix it up for dinner.

Tell us what you're reading about food and health!
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The Organic Cellar

Finding good wine can be a struggle. The selection of natural and organic wine on the market is slim. The Organic Cellar is an oasis! They are passionate about good quality, healthy wine, starting with the best quality grapes.

Check out their beliefs:
  • We believe in the health & environmental benefits of growing, producing, and drinking organic and biodynamic wines
  • We believe in transparency and ethical business and label our organic wines with fully certified international accreditation
  • We believe good wine comes from good grapes
  • We believe good wine can be good for you, too
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