Parenting Moments
presented by Healthier Urban Families at Wayne State University
Happy 2021!  Woosah – we made it!  Another year, another opportunity.  This month’s newsletter focuses on strengthening our family connections. We often make New Year’s resolutions that are me centered such as losing weight, quitting smoking, getting organized.  Let’s focus on working towards making our home lives more satisfying.  We certainly spend a lot of time together now!  Let’s take the time to examine what our family’s strengths and challenges are and make concerted plans to fortify what is working well and to improve what needs work.  Our resource page addresses the important issue of food scarcity.  Please see the list of agencies and organizations that are addressing this issue.  Many are in great need of donations and/or volunteers.  Before going to any of these organizations, also contact them first to get updated information.  – Beverly Weathington, LMSW
Detroit Eater: Food distribution and volunteer opportunities
2021: THE Reboot
Promote Family Harmony
by Beverly Weathington, LMSW
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Communicating Well with Babies & Children: Tips
Communication: Responding to Behavior and Active Listening
Give Peace a Chance
Sibling Rivalry: Be a Sportscaster, Not a Referee
Helping Kids Resolve Conflict:
We Need Your Participation
Research continues throughout the pandemic, despite restrictions on in-person interactions. Many of our researchers have revisited their approach to create virtual . . . MORE
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