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Chris Chinnock, Executive Director, 8K Association
The 8K Monitor
Integrating VFX into On-set Reviews
Is there a way to see composited special effects in on-set dailies without using an expensive LED video wall and tracked camera/game engine solution? To find out, we spoke with David Bush, a film professional with 40 years of on-set and post-production experience. His team has developed what he calls an 8K Mobile Lab. Read full interview
VeriSilicon Processor Supports 8K/120fps Encoding
VeriSilicon’s newly released VC9000 video processor and its VIP9400 AI and neural network processing technology are aimed at data centers with an AIoT focus. The VC9000 supports AV1 and HEVC. Read press release
The Reality of 8K-to-Cloud over 5G
Today, entertainment production can be done in the cloud using proxies or lower resolution versions of the camera files to create dailies, do editing, composite visual effects and perform color correction. But if original camera files were in the cloud and could be accessed easily, that would speed up production and allow more flexibility. Read full story
8K Association Podcast with 16:9
8K Association Executive Director Chris Chinnock sat down with Dave Hynes a Digital Signage expert at the 16:9 trade publication to talk about how 8K is being used in the ProAV market and digital signage specifically. listen to podcast
New Support for Testing HDMI 2.1 Cables and Switchers
AVPro reports that they have upgraded their physical layer and protocol test gear to support Certified HDMI 2.1 cable and switch testing. HDMI 2.1 connectivity is needed to support 8K at 60 frames per second.  Both passive and optical HDMI cables can be tested. Certification on these HDMI 2.1 cables is a big deal as the tests are quite rigorous and are designed to ensure transport per the specification. Read article
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