The 8K Monitor
Comcast Touts 8K-Enabling Cable Network Milestone
Comcast announces the successful demonstration of a new SoC that supports full-duplex with DOCSIS 4.0. The test demonstrated download speeds over 4 Gbps over hybrid fiber-coax enabling 8K delivery. Read the full article here.
Lessons From Live 8K Spanish Terrestrial Demo
After IP, Satellite and Mobile Networks, Live 8K gets a Spin Over Spanish Terrestrial Network. We point to the lessons learnt in Spain and put this story in context for you with a short note on the bandwidth requirements. Read the full article here.
Bosma 8K Camera Gets Real
Chinese manufacturer Bosma showcased an 8K camera at CES 2020. It has taken some time, but the camera looks to be more real now as respected Japanese equipment maker Astrodesign will now resell the camera. Full story and specs.
Drones Capable of 8K Filming Become Accessible
Shooting and post-producing in 8K is becoming more accessible all the time. Filmmakers now have access to 8K aerial footage without breaking the bank on experimental technology.
Advantech Targets Network Edge for Innovation
On May 6, Advantech will host a webinar on advanced UHD codecs and 5G distribution. Brian Carr, Director of Strategic Product Development and Planning at Advantech will kick off on the increasing use of video and codec development to meet this demand. Read our preview here.
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