The 8K Monitor
Issue 6 - 2021-05-17
Insights Into 8K Production from Das Boot Season 3
TVBEurope interviews Moritz Polter, executive producer of Das Boot (also known for Spotless or Crossing Lines). In the article "Das Boot sets sail with 8K", he discusses shooting season 3 in 8K. The project’s 8K impetus comes from Sky, Samsung, and the show’s production company Bavaria Fiction. Read about it here.
LED Dome Ready for 8K Content
Evans & Sutherland (E&S), best known for offering planetarium solutions, has developed what they call DomeX. The 20-meter screen is the first commercially launched LED-based domed solution. We spoke with Scott Huggins, Director of Business development at Evans and Sutherland to learn more about the screen and 8K content creationRead article and find video here.
Update on 8K Terrestrial Transmissions in China
In our series of updates from the Korean 8K event on April 28, catchup on 8K delivery in China over terrestrial networks. The Chinese DTMB-A system used a 120Mbps video stream by multiplexing four frequency channels and a custom-built prototype STB. Read the full article here.
TCL CSOT Shows New 8K Panels and Technology
TCL CSOT, the world’s second-largest display panel maker, used the 2021 World UHD video industrial conference to unveil a number of new display solutions including two 8K panels and new backplane technology. The event was held May 8-10th in Guangzhou, China with the theme: “Ultra HD world, more colors in life”. Read our review here.
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