The 8K Monitor
Issue 7 - 2021-05-24
8K Association Announces New Members Including Google
Today, May 24, the 8K Association (8KA) announced good growth in its membership over the last year. Membership is coming from all parts of the 8K ecosystem, including Google, who has joined to “track and help define how the evolution of 8K content will be manifest in devices and platforms.”
James Mathers Takes BMD 12K Camera for a Road Test
Cinematographer James Mathers, who also runs the Digital Cinema Society, has taken the Black Magic Design Ursa MiniPro 12K camera out for a “road test” in the video he has posted on YouTube. The testing was done last November but the video evaluation has been updated recently to reflect additional insights into the camera, its performance and benefits. Read the summary
Can ATSC 3.0 Distribute 8K Content? The Answer is Yes
That is precisely the question that was addressed in a presentation by Sung-Ik Park of ETRI at their recent workshop in Korea. The fact is, ATSC 3.0 was not developed with the bandwidth to support 8K, but according to Park, terrestrial over-the-air distribution of 8K is possible using three different approaches. Read full article
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