The 8K Monitor
Issue 8 - 2021-05-31
8K Use Cases Presented at the ETRI/KBS Workshop
During the ETRI/KBS workshop run partly on-site in Korea and partly online on April 28th, 2021, 8K Association Executive Director Chris Chinnock gave an update on eleven use cases for 8K video.
IOI 8KSDI Camera with Live 8K Output Now Shipping
When representatives from Japan's national broadcaster reached out to IO Industries (IOI) about needing small cameras for their 8K broadcast of the 2020 Olympics, IOI knew just what to suggest. IOI has already provided to sports broadcasters and video production studios for years. Read our full coverage of this new camera with real-time SDI here.
DisplayWeek 8K Symposium Short Takes
The latest 8K display tech from the annual symposium of the Society of Information Displays (SID) aka DisplayWeek. Click here if you're not afraid of deep tech.
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