The 8K Monitor
Issue 9 - 2021-06-07
Initial Takes on “Per-Title” Encoding for 8K Content
When encoding guru Jan Ozer gave a seminar on “Per-Title Encoding”, we asked him about the state of such practices with 8K and provided some 8K content for him to experiment with. His first thoughts are posted here, and his preliminary findings inspired some conclusions of our own. Read our analysis by Chris Chinnock and Ben Schwarz
Yamaha’s HDMI 2.1 Solution Ignores 8K/60 Option
Yamaha’s solution is to replace the HDMI board in affected devices whereas the Marantz/Denon solution is an external box. Affected Yamaha AVRs include the RX-V4A, RX-V6A, RX-A2A, TSR-400 and TSR-700 models. Read the story.
LCEVC Licensing Offers Different Model to Kickstart 8K Market
In the latest CSI Magazine, Goran Nastic provides further clarity on licensing for codecs. We look into the recent LCEVC announcement from V-Nova and ask industry pundit Thierry Fautier what this means for 8K. Read the article here.
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