The 8K Monitor
Issue 12 - 2021-06-28
We Wrote These...
Op/Ed: Why We Need More Pixels for Filmmaking
Filmmakers over 40 have experienced the transition to digital. Many had to make compromises with immature technology and have become Luddites. I this piece we explain why, once in the digital realm, more is always better for art. Read Ben Schwarz's opinion piece here.
Spin Digital Launches 8K VVC Decoder and Player
8KA member Spin Digital announces 8K real-time software decoder and player supporting VVC, with encoding performance of up to 200 fps, tools for efficient compression of HDR videos, and scalability.
8K, 5G Driving Storage & Connectivity Requirements
8K files require more storage, but the rollout of 5G and the applications it is enabling is also driving the need for more storage along with much faster media connectivity. Read Chris Chinnock's discussions with industry experts.
Our Comments on These...
First USB-C 8K 60Hz/4K 144Hz HyperDrive HDR HDMI Adapter Released.
USB-C to HDMI adapters have been around for many years. At last, here is one that packs the horsepower (read bandwidth) for a trouble-free 8K setup. Read the Sanho Corp. press release here.
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