The 8K Monitor
Issue 13 - 2021-07-12
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Commercial 8K Services: Five and Counting
The Ultra HD Forum's Service Tracker lists Ultra HD services worldwide. Updated last week, it currently lists almost 300 services (TV channels, streaming platforms, pay-TV operators, etc.). Five of those are 8K services. Read Ben Schwarz's piece here.
8K Cameras Viable for Sports With Some More Work
One of the potential uses of an 8K camera for sports is a full field/arena view that can be used to create multiple 4K or HD feeds that can go directly to air. Read Chris Chinnock's discussion with Sony Electronics' Director of Marketing Rob Willox here.
DisplayWeek 8K Exhibit Short Takes – Part 2
The Society of Information Displays (SID) had its annual major symposium and trade expo (virtually) recently (DisplayWeek) covering a wide range of display topics. In this second article, we summarize some of the highlights related to 8K displays from the exhibit part of the event. A previous article looked at 8K in the symposium area. Read Chris Chinnock's second article here.
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Consumer Aircraft Cabins: The Next Display Frontier
Aircraft cabins can also be good candidates for all the latest display technology, including immersive audio formats and 8K resolution according to this trend analysis article. And it's not just for movies, imagine the fuel saved with a virtual window... Read the LaserFocusWorld article by Chris Chinnock here.
TV Unit Sales Fall at Chinese 618 Shopping Festival
(but some good 8K news)
This Digitimes Asia article may show sales are down, but it also notes that Average Selling Prices (ASPs) are up. Also, 38% of sales were of 65" screen sizes and above.
The overall trend for 8K looks good!
Apple Rumored to Bring 8K Video to 2022 iPhones
Check out this Fast Company piece. While Apple's intentions remain - as always - a rumor, the addition of 8K video capture to high-end smartphones is already an established trend, so it's only a matter of when not if.
The Benefits of Shooting in 8K
As a follow-up to our op-ed piece two weeks ago on the need to film in higher resolutions, take a look at this fascinating piece on Markus Föderer, a director of photography actually doing it for the TV series Rise and interviewed for this month's ICG Magazine.
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