April 2, 2021
2021-2022 District 67 Planning Committee Update
To All District 67 Families:

The 2021-22 District 67 Planning Committee met this week to discuss the upcoming school year. This committee, which is comprised of teachers, specialists, parents, and administrators, will meet weekly throughout the month of April and will present an update at the April 27 Board of Education meeting. We are planning for a return to full-day, in-person school beginning in the fall of next year, so this committee is not exploring hybrid models. However, we hope to incorporate learnings from the past year to make school even better than it was before the pandemic.

At this week’s meeting, the committee reflected on silver linings and challenges from the past year and raised questions about how we can make improvements for next year. Notable silver linings included benefits of smaller class sizes, improved student and teacher fluency with technology, terrific student behavior, adaptability, and more family engagement in the curriculum. Questions and some of our greatest opportunities revolve around how to incorporate these positives into a full-day, in-person model. 

As we continue our planning, the committee will solicit feedback from parents, staff, and students. Please check your principal newsletters for weekly updates from the District 67 Planning Committee.