January 12, 2021
Dear Northland Family,

For the past several months, Northland’s Board of Directors, the Finance Committee, and the Administrative Team have discussed and researched next year’s tuition and fees at great length. While we recognize any increase in tuition will impact our school families, such increases are necessary to maintain the quality of our academic programs, ensure competitive teacher salaries and benefits, and secure Northland’s long-term viability.

When determining tuition, we try to maintain a balance between staying affordable for our families and meeting the strategic needs of the school.

If you are a relatively new family, you will have experienced very little change in our tuition rates over the last several years. The actual cost to educate a student has continued to outpace the tuition rate, and, to bridge the financial gap, we rely on the Annual Fund and other advancement efforts each year.

This year, a tuition increase is essential to ensure that we have adequate resources to keep pace with the increase in our operational costs. We are looking at necessary salary increases for staff, as well as the resources to maintain the facilities and provide the best possible education for our children.

As always, we will continue to prioritize crucial investments in our school to ensure that we are utilizing all available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our goal is—and always has been—to provide the highest quality education for your child. If you have any questions regarding financial assistance or questions about enrollment/reenrollment, please feel free to contact the school office at 281-440-1060.

Thank you and God bless,

David Pruett
Head of School

On behalf of
Northland Board of Directors and Administrative Team