February 21, 2022
The Arabian Horse Association recognizes the AERC high point earning Arabian and Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabian in the AERC National 100 Mile year-end standing that meet AHA membership and registration criteria. 
100 Mile High Point Winner Congratulations to the 2021 Arabian AERC 100 Mile High Point winner OZARK KAOLENA SWA owned and ridden by Jeanette Mero! 

A 2012 mare, OZARK KAOLENA SWA “Lena” (KAOLINO X FMR OZARK EKLIPSE), earned a total of 900 points for completing three 100 mile rides with owner and rider Jeanette Mero. Together they have over 2,000 career endurance miles, 36 completions out of 38 starts, six firsts, seven Best Condition Awards, 34 top ten placings, and 6/7 100 mile completions.

In 2019 Lena won the AERC 100 Mile National Champion Best Condition award while also placing 6th at the 2021 Tevis Cup, where Lena was awarded the 2021 Haggin Cup, or the Tevis Best Condition award. 

Jeanette says “Lena and I have forged a partnership which has become the highlight of my endurance career to date. Though I have been lucky enough to own and compete with some highly talented horses - Lena is without a doubt a once in a lifetime horse, and I treasure her as such. She is very sensitive and can be reactive but due to our shared respect for each other we never have "drama" between us - it's all business out there on trail. I hope in the future to be competing on her offspring, and can only hope they are as talented, willing and special as she is.”
The AERC Middle Distance High Point is an AHA nomination-based annual award given to the Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian with the highest AERC points accumulated in the year through 50-99 mile Endurance rides.
Arabian Middle Distance High Point Winner A 2007 purebred gelding, ZANDAI ABU FAHD “Lugnut” (IMPERIAL AL KAMAR x ZANDAI RUBAYANA) finished the year with 613.75 points.
Lug is a front runner who enjoys being the first on the trail, leading to many first place finished. He has conquered the Old Dominion 100 trail twice and has earned the Old Dominion Triple Crown award two years in a row. Lug has accumulated over 1,000 AERC miles within the last five years along with many regional awards. During the AERC 2021 year, he received two Best Condition Awards, placed 1st in the Northeast Region for the Middle Weight Division and 7th overall in the region.
Standing only 14.2 on his best day, he is a mountain climbing machine. His breeding is for beauty and grace in the show ring, but his heart is for the trail. Amie says “Lug has bloomed into my partner and an awesome endurance horse. To this day, no one else has ever thrown a leg over him except me. He loves his job! We couldn’t have made this year so great without Garret, our crew chief and the rest of our team who Lug loves dearly!”
Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Middle Distance High Point Award Winner ARISTABORR+ is the winner of the Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Middle Distance Highpoint award, earning a total of 317.83 points with owner and rider Kristen Howard.

A 2009 mare, ARISTABORR+ (Bold Finales Legacy X TWIST A BORR), comes from a long line of successful distance horses in Ontario, Canada on her dam's side. Standing only 14.2h, ARISTABORR+ is certified 43.84% Crabbet by the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society and is as tough as nails. She has 1,432 miles to her credit including Endurance, Limited Distance, Set Speed, and Ride & Tie. Throughout her career, she has completed several multi-day rides, won AHA Region 18 Half-Arabian Endurance Champion three times, won Best Condition and High Vet Score awards, received the AHA Legion of Honor in 2020, and won numerous year end awards in the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association (OCTRA).

Heather states “ARISTABORR+ constantly challenges and teaches me. She has made me into a better horsewoman, and I am forever grateful. My 'little red engine' never lets me down and has accomplished all goals I have set for her and more. She is now mentoring my daughter and her young horse, an Arabian/Mustang cross, as they start their distance riding journey.”  
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