The Messenger of St. Mark's | Annual Report Edition | January 30, 2021
Download the Annual Report and join us tomorrow (Sunday, January 31) via Zoom at 11:00 a.m. for our All-Parish Annual Meeting.

We will discuss the state of the church, review the budget for 2021, and elect our new vestry and delegate to convention members. Your vote and presence matters, so please join us:

Link to join Zoom, Meeting ID 894 5266 0070, and the password is liturgy.
Annual Meeting & Vestry/Delegate Nominees
Charles "Barry" Hogge for Vestry

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, I attended VPI (Virginia Tech now), and went to grad school there before finishing my graduate work at Johns Hopkins. I came to Albuquerque for active duty in the Air Force in 1968. Four years later, I separated from the Air Force (as a captain) and took a job at what is now the Air Force Research Laboratory on Kirtland AFB. I retired from the laboratory in 2000 and have continued to work in that laboratory in a variety of arrangements, one of which was as an employee of New Mexico Tech (in Socorro). Today, I have a consulting business with other major tech companies and still work for the Laboratory. In my first marriage, I had the good fortune to have two sons. When Kristin and I married in 1981, we were blessed again with two sons of our own as well as two wonderful boys from her first marriage. Today, our boys range in age from 30 to 50 years old, and all but the youngest one live outside New Mexico. When I was young, I attended a Methodist, then Lutheran, then Methodist and finally another Lutheran church after finally coming to Albuquerque. When Kristin and I married, we began attending St. John’s Cathedral, where she had been raised. We attended the Cathedral until 1999, at which time we moved to the east mountains near Edgewood, NM. There was no Episcopal church in Edgewood, but a small group of new and old locals were just beginning to foster one. Attending services in the Edgewood Elementary School gymnasium on old Route 66, we eventually built a small, frame/metal building of our own north of town, and so we began to grow Holy Cross Episcopal Church of Edgewood. I had the privilege of being on their vestry during those early (and difficult) years. A little over ten years ago, we built a townhouse on Candelaria near the nature center and I began looking for a new church. The very first time I came to St Mark’s, I knew that I had found my home and I have been here ever since. A couple of years ago we lost one of our beloved boys, a tragedy that we continue to struggle with now. St Mark’s, Fr. Christopher and many others were our anchor and beacon during those dark days. St Marks is my home. It has been there when we needed it, and I will be there for it. Thank you for giving me the honor to offer my name in nomination for St Mark’s Vestry.
George McJimsey for Vestry

I grew up in Colorado Springs with my two sisters - raised by parents who were professors at Colorado College and active members of Grace Church and Stephen's Episcopal Church. My belief that the life of the mind informs and strengthens the life of faith (and that, indeed, they are one) grew, no doubt, through my upbringing on a college campus and a church nearby. This, and a recognition that the strength of any community -be it faith-based or otherwise - flows from the willingness of its members to participate, and to foster the relationships that will help it to grow. It is this commitment to participation and relationships that I hope to bring to the Vestry at St. Mark's.
My wife Brenna and I - and sons Rowan and Malcolm - found our spiritual home at St. Mark's three years ago. We have become "members" week by week - day by day - through worship and conversation and have always felt welcome. Meanwhile, I continue to explore the contours of the life of the mind (and perhaps of life in general) with middle and high school students at Sandia Preparatory School, where I have taught for twenty-one years.
Lucy H. Sinkular for Vestry

I was raised and confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith, and was received into the Episcopal Church in 1995, at St. Mark’s in Albuquerque. Although my husband Scott and I lived in Albuquerque when we were newlyweds, we were absent from the parish from 1997 to 2017 while we moved around the world for Scott’s military career. During this time, we also raised our two children Emily and John, who are now 22 and 21 years old.

I have always felt drawn into a closer relationship with God. In every parish we have called home throughout 28 years of marriage, I have volunteered in some capacity or another. I have attended Bible Studies, been a Lector, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, a Vestry member, a stewardship worker and a Sunday school teacher. Now, I feel a strong calling to serve St. Mark’s as a member of the Vestry. I would like to assist in the mission of the clergy and our members as we all strive together to make something beautiful for God in our neighborhood. To me, those are not just words! I think we each have an opportunity to serve Christ in one another. I would like to have a part in helping each member deepen his or her faith and also help our members discover their unique gifts. I think serving on the Vestry would allow me to contribute to our community in a really good way.

Professionally, I have been an attorney for 25 years. I practice family law as a shareholder at Atkinson & Kelsey, PA. Even though it may seem sad, I do enjoy using my abilities to help families in transition and crisis. I also serve as a Commissioner for the New Mexico State Bar Association and am involved as the President of the Women’s State Bar. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, running and spending time with my wonderful partner, Scott. Thank you for considering me as a member of your Vestry.
Mary Beth Libbey for Delegate to Convention

Mary Beth, 68, is retired from teaching and business journalism after 20 years in each career. She holds a masters in journalism from Northwestern University and a master of fine art in creative writing from the University of New Mexico. Mary Beth also worked part-time at St. Mark’s from 2011-2016 as parish administrator.

Mary Beth grew up in an Irish-Catholic household in an industrial town near California’s San Joaquin River delta. Mary Beth started attending the Episcopal church after being married by the Episcopal chaplain at Northwestern in 1977. She was received at St. Mark’s in 2012.

Last year, Mary Beth served out the last months of Dollie Lowery’s term as convention delegate. She learned a great deal about the activities of the diocese, especially its work in border communities and was impressed with Bishop Hunn’s management through difficult financial times. She would like to continue in this position.
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