CBC Annual Meeting
CBC will hold its annual meeting May 14 at 11:30 AM sharp at 77 Brighton Hill - a face to face event. 

We will also count the votes the same day prior to our games.

We invite you all to attend both the meeting and stay and play in one of our two games.

CBC Election
Click on Ballot to Download
Voting Eligibility: Any Person who has paid dues for the 2020-2021 membership year, (6/1/2020 thru 5/9/2021) and has participated in a minimum of (10) VACB107318 club games, as either a player or director during the preceding twelve (12) months.  Click here to check voting eligibility. 

Vote the Ballot as is; no write-ins will be accepted. 

Voting Instructions: see Ballot 

Submission Instructions: Download and complete ballot. Mail or email your completed ballot to: Kathy Belknap 154 Majestic View Lane, Leesville, SC 29070 Email: Kathy_belknap@yahoo.com
Zoom Lesson! Wednesdays at 12:05 PM
During these sessions, it will be beneficial to have a deck of cards that have been sorted into suits. This will enable attendees to lay out some of the situations discussed and see it "live" as they actually play along with Jack.
Join us for a 30 Minute Lesson on Zoom!

Every Wednesday - 12:05 PM
Instructor: Jack Self

Zoom Link (same every week):
The CBC Virtual Game will follow the Lesson!

Two sections are scheduled: 
12:55 PM 0-300 Pairs and
1:05 PM Stratified Pairs.

Masterpoint Milestones 
Regional Master (100+)
Susan Des Portes

Club Master (20+)
Joe Culler

Junior Master (5+)
Jairaj Prashad
Open Positions

CBC has two vacancies we would like our members to help us fill.


The Custodian is a paid position.

Duties are:
 a. Cleaning and sanitizing the interior of the building
 b. Collection of all trash; recycling and disposal of both. 
 c. Purchase and maintain cleaning supplies. 
 d. Reports to Facilities Manager any problems or needed repairs.

An outside contractor will be considered


The Facilities Manager-Outside is a volunteer position.

Duties are:
a. Oversees the grounds upkeep, beds, plants, trees, water system
b. Maintain a regular schedule for ground maintenance
c. Replace trees and shrubs as needed

CBC currently has a contract with a lawn care company; the Facilities Manager basically checks on our water system and sees to our plantings and ground beautification. 

Please contact Shelby King -
Phone: (803) 413-3421 or
Email: shelbypbiz@gmail.com
Upcoming Special CBC Virtual Club Games
and Online Tournaments
Special Games and Events at the Virtual CBC
April 20

May 4
May 12
May 14

May 15-16
May 18
May 21
May 24 - 30
May 28
Hi-Lo Game +/- 500 MP Pairs

Hi-Lo Game +/- 500 MP Pairs
CBC Election Ends 11:59 PM
Annual Meeting 11:30 AM
f2f Game: Stratified and 0-300 12:30 PM
Grass Roots Weekend - Virtual Games
Hi-Lo Game +/- 500 MP Pairs
f2f Game: Stratified and 0-300 12:30 PM
Silver Linings Week - Virtual Games
f2f Game: Stratified and 0-300 12:30 PM (BLACK POINTS)
Virtual Regional Tournaments and Other National Events
April 22-25
What Makes a Good Partnership?

by Jack Self
A few years ago my partner and I were playing in the District Finals of the Grand National Teams in Greenville, and, in a late night after game discussion with my partner, we got to talking about just what it takes to make a good bridge partnership. I have been fortunate since I moved to Columbia to pair up with some great partners and it occurs to me that there are some recurring themes of good partnerships.
You are both willing to work on your system. You and your partner should be willing to discuss your conventions, talk out what you think each bid means, and come to an agreement when you are thinking different things. You must be willing to incorporate new conventions into your system occasionally or at least try them to see if they work for you.
You are both willing to give and receive constructive criticism. By this I absolutely do not mean that you have to point out a mistake that your partner already knows he made (and, if he’s like me, berating himself for doing it). There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and complaining. When you ask after the hand is over, “Why didn’t you return my opening lead and give me a ruff?” you are making a destructive complaint. Partner knows he should have given you a ruff but he didn’t. Let it go. Asking him why he didn’t just rubs it in and plants a seed of discontent. 
Sometimes you may be reluctant to give partner some constructive criticism because you think he make take offense. But, if you are going to continue to grow as a partnership, you must do this when the time is right. This point was driven home to me that weekend in Greenville, when, defending a four spade contract, I got in late in the hand, and, looking at 4 small hearts in dummy, I cashed three rounds of hearts (finding them split 3 – 3 between my partner and declarer). I then shifted to a club and established the setting trick in clubs, but, unfortunately, declarer now used that 13th heart to discard her losing club, making four. It never dawned on me, even after the hand was over, that I should have led a club before cashing my last heart until my partner pointed it out to me. And I am glad he did. Maybe next time, I will be more alert to not cash my winners so quickly. (Please note, by the way, that my partner told me about it in a friendly, informative, courteous way. He did not lean over the table, as some do, and say in an exasperated tone, “You need to lead the club before cashing your heart.”)
You both have a sense of humor. I cannot understate this essential ingredient in a good partnership. If you misbid your hand and wind up in a 7NT contract off two aces and a king and go down three, you better be able to laugh about it when it is over. If your partner, in a contested no trump auction, thinks he is making a transfer to clubs with six clubs to the ten and 6 HCP, when he is actually showing game values and a stopper in the opponents suit and you wind up in 3NT down several, you better be able to laugh about it. Knowing that you can survive an occasional blunder makes it easier for you to forgive yourself and easier for partner to forgive himself. By the way, both of those scenarios have actually happened with my partner and me. We still tell those stories to others and still laugh about it. 
You and your partner absolutely trust each other. If your partner tells you to lead a spade, you lead a spade. One of the worst reasons for not doing what partner asks you to do is that you trust the opponents more than you trust your partner. Once years ago, playing with one of the top players in our district, we were defending a 3NT contract.   We had already taken 3 tricks and I was on lead sitting behind the dummy with 4 tricks to go. My partner had signaled for me to lead a spade but the AQ52 was in the dummy. Instead I led a heart because dummy was void in hearts. Declarer gratefully won her good King and Queen of hearts and then took a spade finesse to make three. If I had led a spade like my partner told me to do, she would have been trapped in dummy and been unable t get to her hand for the good hearts. Partner would have won the last two spade tricks for down 1.
Finding a good bridge partner is a valuable asset. Treat your partner like you would want to be treated. Laugh and learn from your mistakes. Help each other to become better bridge players. That sounds like a recipe for good bridge to me.
Support the CBC - So Many Ways to Play!!

Daily ACBL - SYC Games

ACBL has partnered with Bridge Base Online (BBO) and The Common Game to give you chances each day to earn black masterpoints online. Additionally, the majority of the game fees you pay will be given to your local club to support them during this difficult time.

Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Games are pair events. Games are held on BBO three times a day:
10:00 am, 5:10 pm and 7:30 pm.
Registration opens two hours before game time. You can play with any other ACBL member who has a BBO account.

NEW! Daylong Tournaments are solo events played with robots. In this game, you have up to 24 hours to complete your game, and it doesn’t have to be played all at once. You can even pause in the middle of a hand.
Play a few of the 18 total boards in the morning, some more after lunch and the rest in the evening. Or, play them all in one sitting! Register anytime, and you’ll have until midnight Eastern time to finish the boards.

Both events use matchpoint scoring, and masterpoints earned in these games will count toward District and Unit races.
99'er Virtual Game - Every Night 7:00 PM

Play with your friends from the CBC, or make some new ones in Districts 9 & 7 & 24 !!
Play 12 relaxed boards at approximately 7½ minutes a board.
This game pays back to the players' home clubs; the CBC will receive $3.00 every time you play in this game. Lesson before the game and Hand Analysis after. Great way to improve your game and support your club!
Southeastern Bridge Club Consortium

The CBC has joined with the Southeast Bridge Club Consortium (based in Knoxville, TN) along with more than 30 regional bridge clubs! The SEBCC Mission is to keep bridge players of all levels engaged and excited about bridge.

SEBCC offers games four times each day: 9:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. Every session has both Limited and Open games available (Open games are awarded extra Masterpoints when there are also Limited games at the same time).

They also offer free weekly lessons and Live Postmortems.

The best way to understand their offerings is via the SEBCC online schedule
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