2021 Auxin Training Scheduled-Live Zoom
2021 Auxin Training-Live Zoom

As most have heard, the recently approved federal labels for dicamba-containing products labeled for over-the-top use on dicamba-tolerant cotton and soybeans still require annual training.

Attendee Requirements:
a.      Registration is required before the attendee can join the Live Zoom training (this can be completed just before joining the Zoom session).
b.     Attendee must include name, email address, phone number, county, and NCDA&CS Certification/License number at registration.
c.      To receive credit for virtual training, NCDA&CS requires the following of all attendees:
   i.     Identity verification at the beginning of the course and after any breaks.
   ii.     Active participation by each attendee throughout the course to ensure the attendee is present (polling questions will be used for Live Zoom meetings).
   iii.     Attendance must be taken at the end of the course.                     
    iv.     No partial credit is given for those that arrive late or leave early.
Click here to Register.

Pick your attendance date, put in your name and email, and pesticide license number. Once registered, you will receive a zoom link and passcode.

If you cannot watch online, please call the office at 919-989-5380 to register for one of these two classes, February 8th at 10:00 AM or February 18 at 10:00 AM.

Here are the available options:

As a result of COVID-19, most of our Extension meetings will be held virtually in the next few months. The platform that we will be using is Zoom. Zoom will allow participants to both see and hear the presenter. Participants will also be able to view the speaker’s screen, ask questions by chat or microphone, and be seen (or not) by other participants. As a participant, you control both your camera and your microphone.

You can participate in a Zoom meeting using laptop or desktop computers, tablets, or a smartphone. In addition, you can call in using a regular telephone, however, functionality will be limited and this will not allow you to receive pesticide credits. Using a larger screen will provide a better viewing experience for graphics and tables.

If you would like to be seen and heard, you need to make sure you have a camera and a microphone. Some computers and monitors have built-in cameras and microphones as is the case for most tablets and smartphones. Again, to receive pesticide credits you will need a camera.

If you need a camera or a microphone, you can order these from almost any electronics supplier. I checked this morning and the cost is about $40 and up. You could also choose a monitor with built-in options. We will be offering in-person options for very small groups when other options are not possible and it is our strong desire that everyone receive the necessary support.