Barrelman Niagara Falls
Pre-Registration Now Open

We hope you and your family are safe and well.
We wrote on March 6th with the latest news on Barrelman 2021 and our hopes to be able to announce a firm decision on registration by July 1st. The outlook in Ontario remains unclear, but we will hold true to our promise and communicate a definitive race status on or before July 1st.
In the meantime, we have received a number of emails and comments on Facebook asking if there will be enough spots for those who did not defer their 2020 entry.

We have decided to offer you something entirely new in triathlon. For those of you concerned about not being able to enter, we’re offering you the chance to pre-register for Barrelman. If you wish, you can guarantee yourself entry to the race now, without charge, no-strings-attached.

Individual Codes
If the race goes ahead, and we open official registration, we will provide everyone who is pre-registered a dedicated individual code and a link to complete their registration. You will then have one week to complete your final registration. At the end of that week, we will open the race to general registration.
Our intent with this move is to give you our customer peace of mind without committing any of you to a final decision.

What happens next?
If you deferred your 2020 registration, you have already been pre-registered and do not need to do anything more.
If you were not already registered for the 2020 Barrelman and you would like to pre-register for Barrelman 2021, you can do so here
If you intend to race as a relay team, the captain can use the Relay Pre-Registration option to pre-register and create the team. You will be able to finalise your team members during final registration.
If you have any questions about any of this, please email info@multisportcanada.com.

There are a limited number of spots available so please pre-register now to ensure you get a spot. We will be providing updates by email and Facebook as we get closer to reaching the race limit.
I do hope we see you again this coming September. In the meantime, please stay safe, train hard and let's hope we get a chance to see each other and compete again at Barrelman 2021.
Stay safe and healthy,

John Salt
Race Director
Presenting Sponsor
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