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2021 Benefit Changes or Additions to Medical Coverage, per CMS*.

You will be shocked to know how little of this vitamin we in-take and what our doctors don’t know.

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2021 Benefit Changes or Additions to Medical Coverage, per CMS*
“New Benefit”
  • Chiropractic: 20 visits per year for chronic lower back pain. 
  • Covered at: 50% coinsurance.

“New Changes”
  • ESRD beneficiaries now able to join Medicare Advantage plans (End Stage Renal (kidney) Disease)
  • Expanded Coverage of Preventative Screenings including $0 mammograms and $0 colonoscopy screenings. 
  • If a polyp is found during a colonoscopy screening, and a biopsy is performed, those are also covered at $0 copay.
  • COVID-19 testing is covered at 100% ($0 copay).

* CMS (Centers For Medicare and Medicaid)
You will be shocked to know how little of this vitamin we in-take and what our doctors don’t know
“You probably think following your doctor’s advice is the right thing to do. But when it comes to the importance of vitamin D, I’m shocked at how wrong most doctors seem to be. Time and time again I see patients whose conventional practitioner isn’t even aware of how much vitamin D is needed to get optimal benefits. This leaves them exposed to serious risks associated with too little vitamin D.” See the full article for more:
If you know me well, then you know that I am a big advocate for health and vitamin supplementation. We as humans don’t receive the best nutrients from the food we consume these days due to a variety of reasons (which I won’t get into here). When you supplement with vitamins they should be from a trusted brand and good quality.

Quality vitamins come from pharmaceutical medical grade companies.
Some of these companies are LifeExtensions, Standard Process, and Metagenics to give you a reference point. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc are the three essentials to increase your immune system. It is important to know how much to take and when; and the best quality. The most important factor is to know what the correct intake amounts should be in order to get the full benefits and boost immunity. Theresa
(NOTE: I am not a medical doctor and this article is my view of vitamins and my suggestions, if you agree or not. Just sharing).
* This article is for information purposes only. I don’t recommend, support, or diagnose any featured writer or article. I am not a doctor. Your health is one of a kind. What works for one person may not for another, so the information in these articles should not take the place of an expert opinion. Before making significant lifestyle or diet changes, please consult your primary care physician or nutritionist. Your doctor will know your own health best.