2021 Board Election
Dear Fellow Hotel Association Members,
I write to you for the second time on behalf of the Governance Committee of the Board, who is responsible for the election process of the Association, as we reach another stage in the 2021 election process.
As I am sure you are aware from our earlier communications, each year approximately 50% of the Board seats are up for election by region and in accordance with association’s Bylaws. The exact areas of the regions and the number of seats allocated to each region, which varies by region, can be found in the members’ section of the BCHA website.
In August we wrote to all members regarding the process and to expressly call for interested members’ representatives to submit their application to the Governance Committee for one of the Director positions by August 30, 2021. We also stated that we would advise who the Governance Committee would be putting forward as the Official Slate of Directors for the 2021 election.
In proposing the official slate, the Governance Committee, following Board Policy, must bear in mind not only the regions of the province but should also try to create a balance of:
1)   The various sizes and styles of the members’ operation and the various ownership models;
2)   A wide breadth of knowledge and experience of the members’ representatives being proposed and any specific skills they would bring to the Board.
We hope all members are grateful to those who have put themselves forward at this stage and whilst not all have made the official slate, we do thank each and every one for stepping forward to offer to represent and work for the good of all our Hotel members in BC.
In furtherance of the above the Governance Committee puts before the membership the following official slate for the 2 year term beginning at the 2021 AGM and concluding at the 2023 AGM:
Lower Mainland             

Northern British Columbia  

Eastern British Columbia       
Central British Columbia       


Vancouver Island (South)     

Vancouver Island (North)     

At Large                   
Mackenzie, David; Pemberton Valley Lodge, Pemberton
Rohl, Brian; Coast Hotels & Resort, Vancouver

Ryan, Eleanor; Pomeroy Inn & Suites/Stonebridge Fort St. John
Stroinig, Tanya; Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Kelowna
Saad, Leo; Best Western Plus Chateau, Fort St. John

1 Vacancy

Dhaliwal, Ravinder; Mundi Hotel Enterprises, Kamloops
Dolan, Jessica; Ramada Penticton, Penticton

Watson, Chris; Best Western plus Carlton Plaza, Victoria

McQuinn, David; Coast Bastion Hotel, Nanaimo

Instance, Stewart; Best Western Plus Tin Wis Resort, Tofino
1) Now to October 5 2021:
Should there be any other member’s representative that wishes to stand for a position, which may trigger an election in that region, please send electronically to the Governance Committee (c/o myself: John.Kearns@sheratonguildford.com) to arrive NO LATER THAN Wednesday October 5, 2021, their wish to stand for the Board. This should include the following as attachments:
1)   The Official Nomination form (found on the member section of the BCHA website) It must be completed by the nominee and supported by 5 members from within the same region you are wishing to stand for.
2)   A letter from the nominee, outlining their Knowledge, Experience, Skills and
Commitment in relation to the “Qualifications for Board Members” as delineated in the Board Policies (also found on the members’ section of the
BCHA website.)
3)   A Professional Biography
Please note: This is the last opportunity to stand for the Board as “nominations from the floor” at the AGM are not permitted.
1) October 01 to October 08, 2021
The Governance Committee will compile the nominations and then send out to each Hotel member, by Region, EITHER; the acclaimed Directors for the Region OR/AND a ballot for the election within that Region. In the event of an election for the “At Large” a ballot would be sent to all Hotel members. Such notification shall be no later than October 08, 2021.
2) October 08 to November 01, 2021
In the event of an election within a Region, each Hotel member should send in a completed ballot to the independent electoral officer noted on the ballot, to be received by that person no later than November 03, 2021. Electronic filing is acceptable.
3) November 04, 2021 to November 09, 2021
The independent electoral officer shall tabulate all valid ballots received. For any uncontested positions, the nominee shall be declared elected by acclamation. In the event of a tie, the tie shall be decided pursuant to the published Nominations and Elections procedure. The independent electoral officer will confirm the results of the election of directors no later than November 10, 2021.

4)   November 17, 2021
At the AGM on this date, the results of the election will be announced to the membership. Directly following the AGM, the new Board shall gather to elect the officers of the BCHA; as a result, those who are nominated for election should be present at the AGM, in the event they are elected.
We hope that this helps Hotel members understand the process and requirements AND encourages participation whether that is to stand for election to the Board, or simply vote when the time comes to keep the Association vibrant and engaged.

Yours in Hospitality,

John Kearns
Past Chair &
Chair, Governance Committee