December 2021
Happy Chanukah
Jerry Cutler
Rabbi's Message

A young Austrian thoroughly-assimilated Jewish writer had invited the chief rabbi of Vienna over to his house one December evening to discuss a wild and crazy idea. On entering the home, the writer asked the rabbi if he would like to join them for the lighting. As it was Chanukah, the rabbi was delighted to attend, but on entering the family room was shocked to see the writer and his family about to light the Christmas tree. It was Christmas Eve! The rabbi took the writer aside and had a long discussion about his Judaism, and convinced the writer to perhaps light a Menorah instead. This young Austrian writer was Theodore Herzl. This little known vignette with the Rabbi was to have a tremendous impact on his life, the life of this young Austrian writer whose wild and crazy idea, of course, was Zionism, the return of Jews after 1,900 years to sovereignty in their homeland. A movement to go home. This was spurred on by the horrific Dreyfus trial to which Herzl was a reporter. Herzl previously thought the answer to anti-Semitism was conversion to Christianity, but that was soon forgotten by the events at the trial after realizing that the false accusations against Colonel Dreyfus were spurred not by dereliction to his duty - but rather to blatant anti-Semitism. The realization had a great impact and awakening for Herzl. So much so, that in 1897 he publicly declared that there could be no return to Zion without a return to Judaism.

On Chanukah we thank God for al hanisim — “for the miracles” — “miracles” in the plural. The miracle of the famous heroic figure like Mattathias and the miracle for the unsung heroes. These times may not produce another Mattathias or Herzl, but let us be comforted and feel secure in the knowledge that there are lots of unsung heroes all around us who keep our people and our nation strong. In this spirit, we echo the words of our prayer: Modim anachanu lach. We give thanks to you, oh Lord for all your miracles which are daily with us and all your wonders and goodness that are with us now and forever.

Rabbi Jerry

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Fern Field Brooks, author of Letters to My Husband, has written a new meowmoir on her cat called Destiny's Children. You can order this charming book at Temple members and friends can add "Temple Member" to your shipping instructions and 10% of all sales will go to C.A.T.

"LOVED IT! A clever and refreshing approach to a memoir!"
Mary Lou Belli, Director, Author, Teacher

"Wow! Destiny is incredible! I read it in two evenings and was absolutely enthralled. This book is one in a million!"
Laurel D. - Miami

"I Love Destiny and Fern! I was concerned for Destiny on every adventure, felt relieved when all was well, and eagerly await the rest of the series! Engaging. Charming. Insightful - about cats and humans!"

Dr. Linda Seger, Author, Script Consultant, Lecturer

The Santa Monica Playhouse
Santa Monica, CA
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The Hebrew Hillbilly
The Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Saturday Jan 08, 2022 7:30 PM | $35.00 - $44.99

To purchase tickets: Brown Paper Tickets

Meet Gary, the robot who can do the household chores
This robot can pick up toys or dirty socks, water the plants, serve food, strip bedsheets or move packages at a warehouse. And he’ll be on the market next year.
By Brian Blum  OCTOBER 25, 2021, 9:40 AM

He’s about the height of Dobby the house elf from the Harry Potter books. And he never balks at taking on a repetitive or boring task. He doesn’t mind cleaning toilets, picking up socks or moving packages in a warehouse.

His name is Gary and he’s a robot for your home or business.
The height of a 10-year-old, with a speed of 3.1 miles per hour and a weight of about 40 kg (88 pounds), Gary is coming in early 2022 from Petah Tikva-based startup Unlimited Robotics.

Gary is currently “naked,” explains Guy Altagar, cofounder and CEO of Unlimited Robotics. This doesn’t mean Gary has no clothes (although he doesn’t) but rather that the robot hasn’t yet received all his programming instructions.

But that will soon change, as developers begin to create apps for Gary, who got his name from the initials of Altagar’s three children – Gali, Rani and Yaeli.

Despite that playful backstory, Gary is not intended to be cute.
“Amazon is developing something very cute,” Altagar says, referring to the conversational interface powering products such as Alexa. ElliQ, from Israeli startup Intuition Robotics, is intended to serve as a companion for seniors – also cute.

“We are not in the cute industry,” Altagar stresses. “We are in the functional, practical industry.”

Doing laundry, watering plants. Indeed, Gary wasn’t designed to play your favorite tunes on demand or to connect a video call to your grandkids.

Instead, Gary could remove dirty towels from the laundry basket and put them in the washer (great for the gym or at home). He can water the plants, load the dishwasher and open jars, in a restaurant he could serve food or greet customers at the door. In a hotel, he could strip the bedsheets or replenish the shampoo and conditioner.

Gary can carry up to 11 pounds in his two robotic arms (although he hasn’t quite mastered the art of folding clothes, Altagar admits). His sensors and cameras include one to take a 3D view of a room and an infrared camera to see in the dark.

Gary is available for pre-order from the Unlimited Robotics website. He doesn’t come cheap at $5,900 (there’s an installment plan of $100 a month) but already 80 people have paid the $99 fee to reserve a spot on the waiting list.

Unlimited Robotics is providing tools that allow any programmer to create apps without having to learn robotics-specific software. If a developer uses Python or JavaScript, for example, Unlimited Robotics’ Ra-Ya platform (named after Altagar’s mother, Raya) will translate that code to work on its robotics hardware.

Being able to seamlessly translate from one language to another “opens huge opportunities for software developers to build applications not just for the web or mobile, but for robots, too,” Altagar says.

Altagar even envisions apps that extend what today’s single-function robotic devices can do – imagine a future Roomba with an “arm” attachment that can clean your windows.

Getting to that point is not a simple process. “The app would have to identify what is a window, learn how to map it and get training in how to clean it,” Altagar says.

Ra-Ya’s software translation tech needs to know how to connect code in JavaScript to the robot’s computer vision, navigation and machine learning infrastructure.

A sociable robot. When a Gary first comes to your home or business, he’s somewhat of a blank slate. An app may tell him what to do in broad strokes, but he needs some personal orientation.

“The host will teach Gary,” Altagar says. “He’ll explain to Gary which room is the bedroom and where the socks are that need to be picked up. After the first interaction, Gary will ask for feedback. The host will explain to Gary what he did that was good or bad and Gary will improve for the next time.”

Gary’s a sociable guy – whatever he learns in your house or facility, he’ll share with all the other Garys connected via the Internet.
“Mapping your particular house may not be relatable to other users but understanding what a sock is or the optimal way to pick it up, or how to hold a cup of coffee, is something that can be shared,” Altagar says.

The impetus for Gary was to help firefighters. “In 2019, there were a lot of fires, in California and in Israel,” Altagar says. “The only solution was to send up airplanes to release water. We thought, could we create a robot to enter into the heart of the fire and release water and other materials there?”

Machines and mankind. Altagar hopes to see his robots in hotels, hospitals, nursing facilities, sports stadiums, schools, libraries, museums and, of course, homes.

While Gary is not meant to put anyone out of a job, he is debuting at a time when many industries, from restaurants to hospitality, are having a hard time finding staff.

“We are on the edge of entering into a new era in which machines and mankind will be living together,”Altagar says.

“Robots are already in our warehouses and our logistics centers, where people don’t see them. We believe robots will move closer in proximity to humans in the next year or two.”

Could Gary be hacked? Altagar insists Unlimited Robotics is “using the best security measurements we can find.”

And Gary will not listen to your conversations (like Amazon’s Alexa) or take pictures without your permission. He’ll come with a hood that you can place over his head to guarantee he’s not watching or recording.

“We don’t care if you wear blue or red socks,” Altagar says. “That information is not going outside of your house. What we care about is the shape of the sock, because we want to improve Gary’s abilities.”
Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave the whole field of personal robotics a boost in August 2021 when he revealed that the electric car manufacturer is working on a “Tesla Bot,” a humanoid robot designed – like Gary – to handle “tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring.”

“That made people start to pay more attention to this industry,” Altagar says.


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