Candidates and Voting
Voting for the PCA 2021 Elections will begin at 10am on May 12, 2021. If you are a current member, you will receive an email from Election Buddy by this time. If you do not receive the email, please check your Spam folder before you contact us. In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a current, paid member. If you feel you are eligible to vote and did not receive a ballot, please contact by May 14.
A Note from the PCA President:

We regret that we do not have two names on the ballot for Vice President/President-Elect. Our Governing Board and Nominating Committee did due diligence in obtaining and vetting qualified nominees for all positions; however, in the week before our bylaws state that the election must take place, two candidates withdrew, one for personal reasons and the other for professional reasons. leaving candidate Sherry Ginn unopposed. We realize that Covid has created challenges and uncertainties for members, causing circumstances like this to occur. Our bylaws do not stipulate a process for reopening the call for nominations or postponing the election, and, in all fairness to Dr. Ginn, who met all deadlines and criteria, we are proceeding. Nevertheless, we plan to rework election mechanisms after the conference to develop additional contingencies.

Kathy Merlock Jackson
President, PCA
Sherry Ginn

VP Area Chairs
David Silverman
Nicole Freim
VP Awards
Brenda Boudreau
Jen Atkins
Fred Augustyn, Jr.
Beth Downey
Colleen Karn
James G. Mitchell
Ken Muir
Tiffany Weaver
Conference Updates
Non-Presenter Registration is now open for the Virtual Conference. If you have never presented or attended a PCA conference, our virtual conference is a great place to start!

All attendees must have a paid, current PCA membership and pay a $95 conference registration fee.
We're looking for Morning Activities for the 2021 Virtual Conference!

Reimagining the conference as a virtual event has the added bonus of having more involvement from members! We are seeking members who would like to suggest and (1) lead morning events during the 9:30am to 10:45am EDT session, (2) evening events, starting at 8:30pm EDT, or (3) casual get-togethers in our virtual lounges in the morning, evening, or in limited cases, during the day. We know not everyone will be awake at this hour, but we want to make use of the virtual time we have together. These are casual, low-risk activities that will be added to the official schedule once approved. They do not need to be formal presentations but still must adhere to the Conference Code of Conduct. Events geared towards a particular group will still be open to all.

Some ideas are:
-Morning yoga
-Guided meditation
-Virtual breakfast
-Conversation around a topic: particular texts, current events, games, films, etc. (unlike roundtables, these are more casual)
-Career preparation and networking
-Regional based networking
-Career-related networking
-Group viewing of a short film/episode
-Group games

If you have an idea of something you'd like to lead, please email Robin Hershkowitz at by May 15 with a short description and your preferred day of the conference. All scheduled sessions are at the discretion of PCA.