Important Dates and Coaches Contacts

Important Dates:
  • Advanced Placement Process Testing (APP) for Fall Sports: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021
  • FamilyID for Varsity and JV Sports: Monday, July 26th, 2021. Link will be sent when we get closer to the date. 
  • FamilyID for Modified Sports: Monday, August 16th, 2021. Link will be sent when we get closer to the date.
  • JV & Varsity Fall Sports Start Date: Monday, August 23rd, 2021. 
  • Modified Fall Sports Start Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2021.
Athletic Placement Process (APP) Testings
Date - Tuesday, June 15th, 2021  
Where: Green Gymnasium
Time: 3:15pm
Tester: Mrs. Otivich

Who is eligible for the Athletic Placement Process?
The APP is not to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide an opportunity for middle school students when no modified program is offered, or to reward a student. The APP is “aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness”. The process is open to students in the 7th & 8th grades in FMS and are eligible to participate in the APP process to compete at the HS level.  

7th Grade - may be elevated to JV
8th Grade - may be elevated to JV or Varsity

How do I start the process?
The APP process begins with a recommendation from a staff member including PE teacher or Coach:
Step 1 - Student must be recommended by a staff member
Step 2 - APP packet must be obtained from the Health Office
Step 3 - Parent Permission slip returned to Health Office
Step 4 - Physical complete with adequate maturity scores
Step 5 - APP Fitness Testing
Step 6 - Participate in tryouts for their sport
Click Here Learn More about the Advanced Placement Process 

  If interested in participating in Fall Sports Season, please reach out to your respective coach for more details and attend pre-season coaches meeting:

JV & Varsity Coaches Contact & Pre-Season Interest Meeting Dates:
Boys & Girls Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Head Coach - Molly Guilfoyle - m.guilfoyle73@gmail.com  
Preseason Interest Meeting:
Thursday, June 10th at 3:15pm at the track
Girls Varsity/JV Tennis 
Varsity Head Coach - Sheree McNulty - shereemc@gmail.com 
JV Head Coach - Danielle Carr - dcarr11@gmail.com 
Preseason Interest Meeting: 
Friday, 6/11 at 3:15pm in the Room H2 
Boys Varsity/JV Soccer 
Varsity Head Coach - Fred Sandhop - sandhopf@hohschools.org  
Varsity Assistant Coach - Richard Kavy - rikavy@yahoo.com 
JV Head Coach- Joseph Epstein - epsteinj@hohschools.org
Preseason Interest Meeting:
Wednesday, 6/16 at 3:15pm in Room W266
Girls Varsity/JV Soccer 
Varsity Head Coach - Kirk Bamford - kirkbamford@hotmail.com   
Varsity Assistant Coach - Camilla Tedeschi - tedeschic@hohschools.org   
JV Head Coach  - TBA
Preseason Interest Meeting:
Virtual Meeting Tuesday, June 15th at 3:45pm 
Varsity/JV Field Hockey 
Varsity Head Coach - Christina Gagliardi - gagliardic@hohschools.org  
JV Head Coach- Matthew Adipietro - adipietrom@hohschools.org
Preseason Interest Meeting: 
Monday, June 14th at the Burke Estate Field Hockey Field 
We will be having a three day Field Hockey clinic (6/14, 6/15, & 6/16 from 3:30pm-4:30pm)
Everyone interested should bring sneakers or cleats, shin guards, mouth guards, and sticks.  We will have some extra loaner equipment for anyone new players who need to use. 
Varsity Football 
Head Varsity Coach -  Sammy O’Hare - stohare91@gmail.com
Assistant Varsity Coach - Charlie Ortiz - ortizc@hohschools.org 
Assistant Varsity Coach - Michael Bryant - cortlandlax8@yahoo.com 
Preseason Interest Meeting: 
Thursday, June 10th at 3:15pm in Room H2

Varsity/JV Volleyball
Varsity Coach - Emily Kehoe - kehoee@hohschools.org 
JV Coach - Kaitlin Degnan - kaitlin.degnan@gmail.com
Preseason Interest Meeting:
Monday, June 14th at 3:15pm in Cochran Gym before Intramurals 
Boys & Girls Intramurals 
Open to all 7th-11th Grade Boys & Girls
Dates: 6/7, 6/9, 6/14, 6/16, & 6/21
Time: 3:15pm-4:45pm
Varsity Girls Swimming 
Varsity Head Coach -  Toby Saracino - tsaracino@edgemont.org
Assistant Varsity Coach - Clare Carr - ccarr11@tufsd.org 
Preseason Interest Meeting:
Thursday, June 10th at 3:05pm
Join with Google Meet - meet.google.com/yqk-cfnf-wdt
Join by phone - 1-470268-2572 - Pin: 366584727
Modified Fall Sports
Modified sports are open to all 7th & 8th grade students.  
All coaching assignments and preseason meetings have not been set yet. Many meetings may be held when we return in the Fall.
Please make sure you register on FamilyID when it opens August 16th.  If you are not sure which sport your child wants to play, it is OK, just pick one and we can always change sports if needed.
Please understand that if a program has too many students interested in playing, the roster may have to be cut down to be more manageable for safety and quality of play.  
Here are the Fall Modified Programs we will be offering:
Modified Football - Preseason Interest Meeting: Monday, June 14th in H2 at 3:15pm. For questions, please contact Coach Elliott at elliotte@hohschools.org 
Modified Volleyball
Modified Cross Country
Modified Boys Soccer 
Modified Girls Soccer
Modified Girls Tennis
Modified Field Hockey -  Interested players should attend the Field Hockey Clinic on 6/14-6/17 after school.  For questions, contact Coach Gagliardi at gagliardic@hohschools.org or Coach Adipietro at adipietrom@hohschools.org 
Game schedules and other important athletic information can be found on the Hastings School District Website under Athletics:  Hastings Athletics
For questions please feel free to contact the Hastings Athletic Office:

Call Athletic Office: 914-478-6241

Athletic Director Drew Wendol at wendola@hohschools.org 
Athletic Assistant Maureen Bassmann at bassmannm@hohschools.org   

We will attempt to answer your questions as quickly as possible but please be patient.