Fall is Here at Fay's Boat Yard! The weather is colder and the leaves are changing color, which only means one thing: fall is here!

Fall Fishing Tips for Lake Winni

The fall season brings some great fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee! Decreasing temperatures of lake waters act as a signal to the fish to start bulking up for the coming long winter. Thus, anglers will see increased, even frenzied, feeding behavior among many popular species.

Check out our expert tips and tricks for
fall fishing on the lake.

Driving Miss Pontoon

Operating a pontoon boat isn’t much different than operating a monohull. The nautical rules of the road are the same, as are the requirements for passengers.

But these squarish shaped vessels have one or two tricky parts that need to be learned by new captains to ensure fun and safety for passengers and other boaters alike.

Read about our tips on how to drive a pontoon boat safely.

Organizing Your Tackle Box

This blog may sound a little like advice for newbies (and maybe it is!), but on the other hand, it never hurts to think about ways to make your fishing more efficient. When you’re out on the lake and you realize you need to change bait or hook or add weight or retie a swivel … it really helps to have what you need at hand.

That’s why taking a minute or two to think about organizing your tackle box can help you be ready and be able to make quick changes to land the big one.

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