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Your February News & Updates 
Get information here and on our calendar.  There is also a schedule of Zoom meetings and Facebook Live Worship services for those who continue to shelter in place. 

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Winter Schedule

Currently in person worship has been suspended because of the pandemic. Winter Worship Plans are to be in the Sanctuary with overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall as soon as we can. The Elders are meeting on Feb. 2 to discuss returning to in-person worship. We will follow the Elder's Gathering Plan when we regather. 

2021 Church and Sunday School
Lent 2021
Everyone of us needs to grapple with the essence of our faith and answer 7 Essential Questions.

Both lifelong Christians and people on the edges of the church have some of the same basic questions about life and faith. Lent is the perfect time to explore these questions.
  • Who is Jesus?
  • What Matters Most?
  • Am I Accepted?
  • Where is God?
  • What Brings Fulfillment?
  • What About Suffering?
  • Is There Hope?
Join us during lent as we answer these questions culminating with our celebration of the Hope of Easter found in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Ash Wed. 2021
Lent Begins with Drive-In Worship

Join us in the parking lot for safe social distancing worship. Stop by after work or school for prayer, communion, and recieve the mark of the cross.

Thanks for your support!

2021 Giving
Thank you for faithfully supporting our Ministry plans this year. We appreciate those who are sending their offering in the mail from home or the bank, those who are using Engage Online giving as well as all of you who are giving at our worship services. 

You can give to Slash using this link.

Financial Note:

2020 Contribution Statements have been emailed or mailed. If you did not receive your statement or have any questions regarding your statement, please call (804-798-4520) 
or email the office.


Splinters from the Board
Board Meeting
David Bremner, Moderator
It's February 2021 and we have left the starting line and are now running. We all are in the "good race", on this journey of life together, with and for the Lord!
The General Board had its first meeting January 17th on zoom. New officers and members to the board were immersed in their new positions by gentle baptism...which is better than by fire. Our great staff Administrator Kathleen and Rev. Michael help so much with this orientation, and they keep the Slash business info up-to-date and nicely flowing making our meetings more efficient. We are blessed to have them on our Slash team!

"The Church on the Hill Campaign" Update
  • anticipating the first architectural figures and design info in a few weeks
  • pray for all involved on this project and that funds are well spent for a beautiful long-lasting exterior restoration.
Slash By-laws and Functional Committees Review
  • Updates are needed for a more relative-to-today body of rules for smoother and more efficient operation by leadership and the congregation for better serving our Lord.
  • We will discuss how to incorporate new ways of being church including Zoom meetings, Streaming services, Engage online giving, that we have learned during the pandemic, into our bylaws
  • Update Congregational Meeting rules to include multiple and electronic meetings 
  • Review Committee structure
  • Evaluate necessity for any/all Functional Committee positions
  • Revise job descriptions for most Board positions  
" Many hands make light work" 
  • Please consider spending a few hours of your time helping with tasks around the campus and buildings when clean-up dates are announced
  • Window washing, flower and shrub beds, playground equipment cleaning, filling some mortar joints, trimming some bushes, etc.
Slash Investment Team
  • The team is led by Reggie Martin and will meet soon to consider new higher interest investments for Slash including gifts from us, and from those helping by their legacies of funds left in our responsibility
Please consider, the Minister's Slash Flash emails and reports, as valuable informative messages to all of us with "golden nuggets" of truth and light!
If you have concerns you want to express regarding the business of the church, please contact the Moderator, an Elder or our Minister. Communication is key and invaluable in the life of the church.
In His Love,
David Bremner, Moderator

Reaching Up

Currently Worship is Drive in and Live Stream only. 
The Elders are meeting on Feb. 2, 2021 to set a regathering date.

February Worship Schedule
Winter ONE Worship @ 10:00 a.m.
Sanctuary / Fellowship Hall (overflow) / Online Worship @ 10:00 a.m.
 (Facebook Live and YouTube)
Children Worship & Wonder @ 10:00 a.m.
Church School @ 11:00 a.m.

February Serving Schedule
Elder of the Month:
 Judy Pierce
One Elder will serve in the sanctuary and two diaconate
 will serve in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall.

10 a.m.
10 a.m. 
10 a.m. 
Fellowship Hall

Judy Pierce
Brooken Loving
Kelly Benson
Dalton Pierce 
Chris Benson
Sandra Loving
Pat Penley
Hailey Pierce
Jessica Colbert 
Avery Pierce
Rebecca Highfield
Deb Sadler
Mark Highfield
Chad Baugher 
Elena Highfield
Don Moore
Kendall Dalton
Tristan Goodman
Keith Dalton
Alan Goodman

February Zoom Room Meetings at Slash

Mondays10:00 amCoffee & Prayer
Wednesdays7:00 pmBible Study - Gospel of John
2/3/21 - 5/26/21

Save this Link so you can Join in All Slash Meetings
You can join your meeting by following this link. 
Meeting ID: 780 850 1748
Password: Slash
Or you can call from your home phone and join the meeting without video.
       +1 646-558-8656
 3 Steps to Join by Phone:      
1. Enter the Meeting ID when prompted: 780 850 1748#
2. You will be prompted for the participant ID. Just press #.
3. You will be asked for the Password. Enter 950320#

2021 Bible Study

All are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings on Zoom at 7 pm.
Bible study will be led by our student minister, Frances Stanley.
We are studying the Gospel of John through May 26, 2021.

February 3rd 
Gospel of John Chapter 5
February 10th 
Gospel of John Chapter 6
February 17th 
Gospel of John Chapter 7
February 24th
Gospel of John Chapter 8
March 3rd 
Gospel of John Chapter 9
March 10th 
Gospel of John Chapter 10
March 17th 
Gospel of John Chapter 11
March 24th 
Gospel of John Chapter 12
March 31st 
Gospel of John Chapter 13
April 7th 
Gospel of John Chapter 14
April 14th 
Gospel of John Chapter 15
April 21st 
Gospel of John Chapter 16
April 28th 
Gospel of John Chapter 17
May 5th 
Gospel of John Chapter 18
May 12th 
Gospel of John Chapter 19
May 19th 
Gospel of John Chapter 20
May 26th 
Gospel of John Chapter 21

Slash Youth News

Everyone 6th grade through 12th grade is invited to join us for youth group.
Youth Group schedule is below.

Right now all meetings will be on Zoom or outside in the pavilion and we will wear masks and practice social distancing guidelines.

Souper Bowl

The teams are set and the Super Bowl will be played February 7, 2021 and it is time for our youth ACES fund drive. The proceeds collected between now and the end of February will be directed to ACES! We have a goal of $500, so please pass the link below along to anyone you may know.
 Thank you for joining us as we tackle hunger here in Hanover County. 

Youth Meeting Schedule

February 7 
Souper Bowl of Caring
Sunday at Church 
February 21Youth Group / Mission Trip Meeting for Parents
(the last 30 minutes for parent meeting)

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Craig Springs Camp Dates 2021
The pandemic cancelled our in person Summer camps for 2020, but many of our youth were able to participate in virtual camp and had a blast. 2021 dates have been announced. The youth are looking forward to returning to the mountain this summer for camp. Put these dates on your calendar now.

2021 Dates
May 28-31
Spring Work Weekend
June 25-27
Craig Springs Homecoming Weekend 
Jun 27-July 2
Nature Camp
July 4-9
Special Camp
July 11-16
Triple 1
July 19-24
July 25-30
Triple 2
August 1-6
New Covenant
August 6-8
Family Retreat

Group Week of Hope

YOUTH MISSION TRIP to Charleston, SC, July 4-9, 2021

Thank you for your support of our fundraising efforts for our Mission Trip!

"Let Love Flow"

Week of Compassion Special Offering 
will be received on February 21 & 28

Nobody hungry, nobody thirsty, shade from the sun, shelter from the wind,
For the Compassionate One guides them, takes them to the best springs.
~ Isaiah 49:10 

Joshua Mumbi used to spend much of his time collecting water. When it rained, he would collect water running in the streets. Often he would spend much of the day walking to a local water source and carrying back buckets. Sometimes he would even travel to the water source with his family the night before, spending the night there so that they could bring back water in the morning. His mother, Josephine, did not like to make the journey alone - it was not safe. There was not much time to go to school. And when he did go to school, Joshua Mumbi was very tired during the day. It was hard to focus; it was hard to learn. 

But thanks to your gifts through Week of Compassion, Joshua Mumbi and his family - and all of the other families in his village - have a safe, clean water source close to home. With a new solar-powered borehole well, they have water for cooking, water for drinking, water for bathing and keeping things clean and sanitary. Because you let love flow, water brought new life to a whole community. Now children like Joshua Mumbi and his siblings can go to school every day, and a whole world of opportunity is open to them. Now the whole community is empowered to provide for their needs, plan for their future, and pursue new opportunities for growth. So that more communities can experience this new life, please give generously, and let love flow.

Sunday, February 14th

valentines day

Flower Ministry

sanctuary flowers

The 2021 flower chart is posted by the office door. If you would like to purchase flowers in memory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart by the office, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may call (798-4520) or email the office as well. The flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid. February 7, 14 and 28 are the next available dates.

Due to the recent rise in COVID outbreaks, beginning immediately, ACES will only be open for food distribution or the donation of food items. We will continue to be open only 1 day a week - Mondays from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  
Current needs:
Pantry: canned meat,  canned potatoes, canned mixed vegetables,  protein soups (soups and stews with meat and/or beans)

Thank you for your understanding.

Bonnie Hoskin

Give the gift of HOPE - open your home to a young person in foster care.  Each year over 2,000 children and youth enter the foster care system in Virginia.  Each one of these young people need someone like you to give them a temporary safe and loving home until they can return to their birth family.  HopeTree Family Services provides the training and support you need to be the parents that they need.  To hear more about becoming a foster parent, please join us for ONE of our online Information Sessions: 

February 11, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
February 18, 2021 @ 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

For more information or to RSVP, email Abigail Shreiner Lee

Many Blessings, 
Abigail Schreiner Lee, MSW
Foster Parent Recruiter
HopeTree Family Services
2828 Emerywood Parkway
Henrico, VA 23294
804-545-1205 (office)
804-698-9370 (cell)

Assisted Living: Doris Talley, Buck Hale
Homebound: Dianne Jones, H.T. Loving, Betty Pierce  

The Joys
Visitors to Online Worship. Keep sharing our services with your friends.
HT Loving is out of quarantine

The Concerns
~All those who are sick and suffering the effects of the Covid 19
~All those who are furloughed or have lost their jobs
~Prayers for medical personnel, truckers, manufacturers, suppliers, grocery workers
~Prayers for teachers and students 
~Prayers for workers at home and especially those still going to work
~Prayers for kids in unstable homes
~Prayers for those affected by substance abuse 
~All military personnel, first responders and their families

The People
~John Haines (COVID)
~Barbara Stanley (2/2/21 surgery)
~Mary Lynn Sergent (daughter of Ted Jones; 2/8/21 hip surgery)
~Madelyn Logan (slow heart rate)
~Patrick Markley's mother and father and aunt recovering from COVID at home
~Norma Miller (dislocated shoulder & broken arm)
~Helen Kersey (health issues)
~Julie Traylor (surgery recovery)
~Torrie Goodman (Cornea scratched) 
~Dana Baugher (Ed Baugher's brother; hospitalized)
~Tristan Spangler-Dunning (son of our regional minister; chemo)
~Antwoine White (friend of Don Moore; house fire)
~Betsy Murdock (Nancy Murdock's sister; caregiver)
~Ruth Boatwright (friends of Julie Matthews; COVID quarantine)
~Ann Spence (aunt of Gail Hellermann)
~Sally Novinger (friend of Madelyn Logan; Chemo)
~Thelma McClain (cousin of Michelle Weeks; home health)
~Shana (friend of Nancy Murdock; ALS diagnosis)
~Jennifer Parks (friend of Nancy Murdock; undetermined illness)
~Sally Lambert (friend of Nancy Murdock; hospice with stage four cancer)
~Adrienne B (Niece of Nancy Murdock; marriage crisis)
~Tammy McLaughlin (friend of Nancy Murdock)
~Ann & Manuel Wampler (friends of Barbara & Keith Davis; Alzheimer's diagnosis)
~Delanie Gordon (friend of Kerby Dalton; breast cancer treatment)
~Julie Moore and family
~Mimi Guyton (sister of Claudia Wells and Julie Matthews; Alzheimer's)
~Gail Bernier (friend of Callee Young's; aggressive chemo) 
~Ann-Jeanette Ramsey (niece of Barbara Jean Goodman; home in stroke rehab)
~Kolenda Family (family of Becky Baugher)
~Tonya Soukup (niece of David Bremner; stage 3 breast cancer)
~Max Blake (friend of John Haines; recovering from kidney surgery)
~Mildred Sewell (friend of Nancy Murdock; long term care in nursing home)
~Brenna Canning (granddaughter of Frank Burkett)
~Unspoken prayer concerns 
Love and sympathy are extended to...
our Regional Minister, Bill Spangler Dunning, at the death of his mother, Reva Dunning
the family and friends of Tripp Hogg; friend of the Payne/West families.
the Markley family upon the death of Patrick's uncle, Gary Markley

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