´╗┐Registration Information 
Reminders for 2021

  • All unvaccinated campers must be COVID-19 tested at the White-DeVries Rowing Center first before heading to the Multipurpose Building for camp registration. If you have not signed up for a test, please refer to the previous email communication for sign-up links.

  • If the camper is vaccinated, please bring their vaccination card with you to the Rowing Center. Proof of vaccination is required to remove the testing requirement.

  • We request that all unvaccinated campers receive a COVID-19 test up to 72 hours prior to arriving at registration.

  • Campers who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days will be exempt from COVID-19 testing provided they present a note confirming diagnosis from their physician.

  • There will be one parent per camper allowed to go through COVID-19 testing and the registration process (Multipurpose Building and Uniform Department).
Registration for Returning Families 
Registration for returning campers, siblings, those using Culver transportation and Naval Band will take place on Friday, June 18.

Registration for Families with New Campers 
Registration for new campers will take place on Saturday, June 19.

**Please note that Culver is on Eastern Daylight Time (same time as Indianapolis, 1 hour ahead of Chicago)
Arriving By Bus

When your camper checks in at Culver, you will be notified by email that they have arrived at camp. 

If your camper is arriving by bus, the bus will bring your camper to the Multi-Purpose Building for registration. After completing the process, Woodcraft campers and luggage will be taken by staff to the Woodcraft Camp. Upper School students will be directed to their dorm or barracks.

Counselors will be there to receive your camper and help them get settled into camp.
Arriving by Car: Camper Registration
1.   White DeVries-Rowing Center: Please proceed to the Rowing Center to begin the registration process.
2.   ´╗┐Multipurpose Building: Enter the campus at Culver Academies' main entrance gate off of State Road 10. Campus Security personnel will direct you to a parking space behind the Culver Chapel and adjacent to the Multi-Purpose Building. After parking, proceed to the Multi-Purpose Building to complete Registration.
  • Luggage (UPPER SCHOOL ONLY): Campers and parents will drop off luggage at the Upper School drop-off tent. Please note that no cars or families will be allowed on campus. 

  • All luggage that is taken to the drop-off tents will be tagged with your camper's name and unit. Culver staff will deliver luggage to your child's dorm or barracks.

  • Parking in the Henderson Ice Rink Parking lot is restricted to private vehicles displaying handicapped parking tags and authorized Culver vehicles.
3.   After Leaving the Multipurpose Building:
  •  Woodcraft Camp (NEW FOR 2021) Campers and parents will not drop off luggage at the Woodcraft drop-off tent behind the Memorial Chapel. After completing COVID-19 testing and registration in the Multipurpose Building, Woodcraft campers and their parents can proceed directly to Woodcraft Camp located on State Road 10, 0.5 miles east of the Culver main gate.

  • Please enter Woodcraft Camp through the main entrance and proceed through the circle drive. You will be greeted by Culver staff members and receive further instructions on luggage drop-off. You will also have the opportunity to meet your child's unit commander at that time. We ask that all families stay in their cars during the entire drop-off process. If your camper needs to drop off medication at the Dispensing Center, you will be instructed on how to do so at Registration.

  • Woodcraft campers will receive their cabin assignments once they arrive at Woodcraft Camp.

  • Please note that Penske and Woodcraft Headquarters parking lots along with Cardinal Bridge will be closed to all parents and guests.
  • Upper School

  • Upper School students can proceed to their dorms and barracks on the main campus. Please check where your unit is located before leaving the Multi-Purpose Building and look for signage on the dorms and barracks.
2021 Registration Map