Join us this Saturday, Jan. 9th, at 10am
Learn how we Help to Maintain Weston's Forests
When Snow Arrives a Different Kind of Harvest Begins
In effort to maintain the forests and keep them healthy, Land’s Sake - in partnership with the Weston Conservation Commission - selectively cuts firewood on Weston Conservation Land. This winter we'll be focusing on sections of the Ogilvie Town Forest. Previous cutting areas include Case Estates, Highland Forest, Jericho Town Forest, and Sears Land.
Join us this coming Saturday, January 9th at 10am, for a public walk-through of our work site and gain insight of our forest management philosophy and silvicultural practices, and learn about the results of our work over the past few decades.
The development of a healthy and diversified timber base, wildlife habitat improvement, and protection of our water and soil resources are our primary management objectives; the production and sale of firewood is a useful byproduct of this process and helps us fund our forest management initiatives. At the same time, we're putting in every effort to ensure that the trails running through our work area as well as the forest itself maintain a high aesthetic and recreation value.
Forestry Walk Details
Forestry Walk in Ogilvie Town Forest

Date & Time
Saturday, January 9th. The walk begins at 10am and lasts 1-2 hours.

Meeting Spot
49 Stonehedge Road, Lincoln

For Who
Anyone interested in forestry! Be prepared for a little bit of ice and some hills.

*Face Masks Required*
If you are unable to attend this walk but would like more information about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to schedule a time to walk with you through our site or simply to converse.
Land's Sake's programs are made possible with support from the Town of Weston and the Weston Conservation Commission. 

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With support from the Town of Weston and the Weston Conservation Commission.