2021 GCA Board Nominees | 27 Dec 2020
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GCA Board of Directors

Virtual GCA Board Meetings for December
The next GCA Board working meeting via GoToMeeting is on 7 Jan from 5 to 7 PM. By joining the "virtual" meeting you can listen to the proceedings from start to finish. If the Board schedules an executive session, the general meeting will end and the Board will meet separately to discuss contract and/or legal issues. The agenda and Board packet are published on the Glenmore website ahead of the meetings, and the meeting minutes are also posted.

If you want to participate in the Board meeting, contact Tim Durrer at 434-984-0700 or click here for information regarding the GoToMeeting link.
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The GCA Annual Meeting
Request GCA Materials be Delivered Electronically rather than by US Mail
According to the VA Property Owners' Association Act, (§ 55.1-1815, Section G.. Access to association records; association meetings; notice.), notices for the annual meeting must be sent by US Mail, or sent to Association members by electronic mail, provided that the member has elected to receive such notice by electronic mail.

In 2019, our cost to reproduce and mail annual meeting materials to residents was $8,037. In order to reduce costs, we are asking members to choose to receive materials by email in lieu of US Mail. If you want to receive the materials electronically (by email), please send an email to Megan Burch by clicking here. Include the words "Electronic Delivery" in the subject line. You will need to include your name and address in the email for our records.

The GCA Board
GCA (virtual) Annual Meeting 18 February at 7PM
Per our GCA By-Laws, each year the GCA schedules an annual meeting of all Glenmore Residents. At the meeting the current Board will provide a status report for 2020, and a forum for residents to provide feedback to the Board. Additionally, GCA members in good standing will elect three Board members for two-year terms.

The meeting is scheduled for 18 February at 7PM. Please mark your calendar.

In late January, we'll be distributing materials and ballots for the Annual Meeting. Please sign up for electronic delivery of the ballots and materials in order to help us reduce costs. You can sign up by clicking here, and include "Electronic Delivery" in the subject line.
Nominating Committee Identifies Four GCA Board Candidates
Per our GCA By-Laws, each year we select three candidates to serve on the GCA Board for a two-year term. This year, the Nominating Committee identified four qualified candidates for the three Board positions.

Our GCA residents will vote for three candidates by ballot (to be distributed in the coming weeks). The votes will be tabulated at the GCA annual meeting on 18 February. The four candidates for the GCA Board are shown below.
Introducing David Canavan
David is a candidate for the GCA Board for 2021.

David has 40 years of experience in healthcare and corporate finance. David started an advisory firm in 2010 and retired from Solutions Advisors Group at the end of 2019.

David's GCA candidate resume can be viewed by clicking here.
Re-introducing Diana Ferguson
Diana has previously served on the GCA Board (2015-2017), and has offered her services again in 2021.

She has an extensive career in the Engineering and Construction industry, and has served on multiple Boards

Click here for Diana's GCA Candidate Resume.
Meet Bill Cromwell
Bill is running for the GCA Board in February. He has extensive Real Estate Asset Management and Board membership experience.

Bill and his wife Tina moved to Glenmore in May of 2018.

Click here to see Bill's GCA Candidate Resume..
Re-introducing Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kevin is re-running for the Board in 2021. He has been a member of the Board since 2017, serving as the Treasurer and chairing multiple committees.

In 2009, Kevin retired after a career as a Navy Executive, and is an owner of an IT consulting firm supporting Federal clients.

You can read Kevin's GCA candidate resume by clicking here.
Speeding in Glenmore
The GCA Board has been following the issue of speeding in Glenmore for years. The issue continues to be raised by residents on NextDoor and was cited as a continuing issue in the Fall 2019 Glenmore Community Feedback survey (question 14). The Glenmore speed limit is 25 MPH as required by VA State Law § 46.2-916.3 for roads with shared use by golf carts.  

We previously looked at a number of methods to control speeding. On Darby Road east we placed three speed bumps that limit speed to 15 MPH. In 2017 we considered narrowing roads such as Piper Way to "calm" traffic, however, that idea was not supported and we find that even on our other very narrow spine roads (Paddington, Farringdon and Newbridge), speeding continues. On 2020 we employed the Albemarle County Police to patrol the community occasionally, however based on the latest data, there has been no effect on speeding. Police speeding patrols generally work when a Police Vehicle is visible, but our patrols were limited. The single most effective method we have seen to date is the use of the radar signs. They operate 24x7x365, provide immediate feedback, and remind us with visual cues that we are speeding.

With this in mind, the Board voted to purchase two additional radar signs. However, unlike the existing radar signs, the new devices will have the ability to photograph vehicles traveling above the speed limit, and they are mobile. We'll test the new signs in various locations and continue using the existing radar signs for a period to see if we observe a reduction in speeding. If we still observe speeders, the GCA is able to notify speeders by email, and for recurring speeders we can assess a fee for speeding that would be charged to the homeowner's GCA account. For commercial vehicles we would notify the company of the date, time, and a vehicle photograph in an attempt to slow drivers.

As the Police Patrols did not have the intended effect, we will discontinue the use of the Albemarle County Police Patrols, and use those funds to pay for the new radar signs.  With the additional data from the new signs, we'll keep the community informed of their impact, and notify the community if additional steps are required.

Chair, The Security Committee
GCA Finance Update
  • The GCA will close the 2020 books on 31 Dec at 11:59 PM.
  • On 31 December, the GCA will write off two bad debts ($7,419) for unpaid assessments on foreclosed properties.
  • There are 13 accounts where residents failed to pay the 1 Sept 2020 assessment. Liens are being processed in accordance with our Procedure for Collection of Late Assessments.
  • The Board approved the GCA 2021 Budget and an $8 increase in assessments for 2021.
  • The new annual assessment is $1044 with the first payment ($522) due on 1 March.
  • The GCA paid off the Atlantic Union Bank loan for the Equestrian Center in October. To pay it down, we borrowed $220,000 from our reserve accounts. The reserve accounts will be repaid by August 2022. (By 6 Dec, we have already repaid $21,593 of the reserve loan).
  • By paying off the 5.05% Atlantic Union Bank loan, the GCA saved nearly $13,000 in interest payments.
  • The Board approved an update to the GCA Financial Policies Regulation.
  • You can read the November 2020 Treasurer's Report by clicking here.
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Planning Commission votes to deny the Breezy Hill Density Increase
The Albemarle County Planning Commission met on 24 November) to review the developer's re-application to increase housing density at Breezy Hill. The Albemarle County Master Plan was approved for a maximum of 65 houses in the Breezy Hill development. In August the developer requested an increase from 65 homes to 160 homes, then withdrew the request when it became clear that the the Board of Supervisors was about to deny that request. The developer submitted another request, this time for 130 homes.

On 24 November the Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the density increase. The developer's request and the Planning Commission recommendation was to be considered by the the Board of Supervisors on 16 December, however, it was not on the 16 Dec agenda. More info to follow, however watch the Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda by clicking here.

Questions from the Community
Each month we receive questions from GCA residents directed to either Associa or to Board Members. As examples, "When will leaves be picked up?" "Where can we find info on mailbox maintenance?" For each Newsletter publication, we will select questions from residents that may be of interest to the community at large, and provide detailed answers.

Question: The Board recently voted to install safety sidewalks on Newington and Farringdon . Why did the Board fund the sidewalks when other community amenities might have a greater need, such as more playgrounds?

Answer: The GCA Board has been researching the safety sidewalks since 2018. To ensure we had community support, we asked for feedback in the October 2019 Community-Wide Survey. Question 15 states "I support the reasonable expansion of the asphalt sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety in higher traffic and minimal visibility areas." 81.3% either strongly agreed or agreed with that statement. 8.4% either disagreed or strongly disagreed. The safety sidewalk feedback was very supportive. We also asked questions about other amenities. As an example, on Question 21 we asked. "To what extent do you or your family use the Playground?. 1.96% answered "Frequently", 3.92% "Often", 14.65% "Occasionally, 15.5% "Seldom", and 63.95% "Never".

The Board approved the sidewalks for safety reasons, and with community support.
Looking for Info on the GCA Community-Wide Survey from October 2019??
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find the results from our 2019 GCA survey, go to the web page, then click on "News" on the top ribbon. In the section "Results of Glenmore Community-Wide Survey, click on the link to see the report. There's a lot of good community feedback in that Survey document! See the feedback regarding the Safety Sidewalks (Question 15).

Just have general questions? Email Megan Burch by clicking Here.
Rules for Visiting the Equestrian Center
For the Safety of All
Please be advised that the Equestrian Center is a working farm with large horses and farm equipment. Visitors are welcome, but you must contact Abbie Wright at 516 216 9392 to arrange for a visit. Remember, the Glenmore Farm is leased to our tenant, and trespassing between the paddocks is imposing on the tenant's right to the property and safety of the horses.

Equestrian Center Safety Rules
  • Horses are unpredictable; treat them with caution at all times.
  • Do not climb the fences or go into the paddocks.
  • Do not feed or pet the horses.
  • No joggers, pedestrians, or strollers are allowed near the barn or between the paddocks.
  • Dogs will spook the horses.
  • No bikes or golf carts are allowed near the barn or pastures.
  • The nature trails around the outside perimeter of the EC are available for residents’ walking.
  • Some trails are also used by riders. If you encounter a horse and rider, stand aside until the horse passes.
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