In 2016, "The Murray and Rhoda Finck Global Engagement Mission Fund" (GEM Fund) was established. It is named in honor of Bishop Emeritus Murray Finck and his wife Rhoda, in recognition and appreciation of their service and accomplishments during the 18 years that Bishop Murray served as Bishop of the Pacifica Synod from 1998 through 2016.

The goals of the fund are:
  1. To assist congregations of the Pacifica Synod in their Global Mission efforts;
  2. To initiate and/or continue direct support of present and future Companion Synods of the Pacifica Synod;
  3. To share in ministry with God's people as we strive together for a lasting world peace.

Distribution of funds may be given to increase awareness of global mission work and to fund domestic and/or foreign projects related to Pacifica Companion Synod(s) and Lutheran partners.

Due to COVID-19, no monies will be given for travel from 2021 grants.

Requirements of the grant may be found the 2021 GEM Grant Fund application. Download and complete the application and submit it along with a one-page description of the project/program and how the funds will be used. Be specific as to how the project/program meets the goals of this grant and the outcomes anticipated.

The maximum amount that can be requested is $1,000. The application deadline is July 15, 2021. The completed application and description may be returned by mail or email using the instructions provided on the application.

Please note: 2020 GEM Grant Fund recipients MUST have filed the required reporting (as described in the letter sent with your reward) before applying for a 2021 grant.

If you have questions, please contact Terri Robertson at 714.352.8732 or by email at