Growth Groups are small communities of people within the church that journey together to develop deep-rooted relationships with God and each other. 

The groups promote learning, fellowship, and outreach and help to develop a culture of mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Growth Groups are a systematic pathway for persons to be transformed into followers of Jesus Christ.

ESSENTIALS: Stories of the Bible
Participants will learn from the major biblical stories and characters using the Urban Ministries Sunday School Curriculum. Learning from Biblical stories and characters will help participants understand God's mind and God's will for humanity. These learnings will help one practice living in a way that is pleasing to God. 
ESSENTIALS: Special Classes
Transformation 1.0
Grown-grown discipleship begins with a desire for and understanding of spiritual transformation. The journey of transformation is the process of becoming fully formed and fruitful followers of Jesus Christ. For the brand-new believer, the seasoned saint, and everyone in between, the way to grown-grown discipleship is by way of spiritual transformation.

Gather 1.0
Knowing God’s character as revealed in Scripture will stir in us a feeling of reverence and a heart of thankfulness that is expressed adoration through gathering. Gathering allows for worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and outreach. Participants will explore the importance and purpose of GATHERING by examining the four W’s (Who, What, Why, and When) of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism.

Grow 1.0
“Spiritual growth may be defined as a transformational process where we allow the indwelling Christ to increasingly express Himself in and through us, resulting in a greater capacity on our part to bring God greater glory and experience His greater good for ourselves.” (Evans, 2003).

Spiritual growth is not only commanded but expected of every believer who is a true follower of Christ. (2 Pet. 3:18)

Participants will explore spiritual growth and how to obtain it through worship, prayer, and Bible practices.
ENCORE: Growth Groups
By participating in Encore, you will GROW in your relationship with God and each other. During the 2021 Winter Semester, there will be 8 varying Encore Groups: men only, women’s only, ages 50+, and 5 additional Encore groups open to all.
ENGAGE: Growth Groups
Are you entertaining thoughts of making SEUCC your home? Have you embraced SEUCC as family, but are not yet engaged? ENGAGE Growth Group is for you! Join us for 4 weeks of getting grounded. Engage Community. Engage Core. Engage Conversion. Engage Connection. Transformation begins here!