Mitigate. Prepare. Respond. Recover.
Make a Plan…..
Make and practice your emergency plan.

Make sure your family has a plan in case of an emergency. Before an emergency happens, sit down together and decide how you will get in contact with each other, where you will go, and what you will do in an emergency. The Red Cross has a great Family Disaster Plan Tool, to help in this planning process. Use the following links to plan for Shelter in Place & Emergency Evacuation with family pets and livestock.
Here are a few questions to get started in developing a disaster plan or use this template: Family Plan

  • Where will you meet family members?
  • Who is your out-of-state “check-in” contact?
  • Will you shelter in place? Evacuate?
  • How will you escape your home? Workplace? School? Place of worship?
  • What route (and several alternates) will you use to evacuate your neighborhood?
  • What will you do with your pets?
  • Do you have transportation?
  • Did you practice your plan?
Build a Kit…..

Building a family emergency kit is crucial. During emergencies, you may need to be on your own for a period of time. You may want to consider 3 types of kits:
  1.  A go-bag
  2.  A stay at home kit
  3.  A pet disaster supply kit.
Here are some ideas for your kit:
Stay Informed…..

Staying informed in an emergency situation may be different than normal. In Montgomery County, we often have warnings of upcoming weather emergencies. However, there are other emergencies that may happen with little to no notice. It’s important to keep informed about anything that may come our way.

Stay informed by:

Monitor your local river and rain gauges…..

Here are some links to help you monitor local rainfall amounts, river/creek levels and information about your watershed:

  • Rain Gauges
  • On the left menu under gauges by agency, select all to see Montgomery County.

  • MCTX Storm Watch interactive map
  • The MCTX Storm Watch interactive map details:
  • Current precipitation levels
  • Predicted precipitation
  • Current stream gauge readings
  • Predicted streamflow levels
  • Active hurricanes, both their observed position, forecasted track and much more!

Montgomery County has removed the Woodlands Parkway, Gosling Road and Branch Crossing extensions from the major thoroughfare plan.

The three controversial road extensions, which were listed on the 2016 Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTFP), will not be on the 2021 MTFP map.

The 2021 MTFP, which updates the 2016 plan, will provide a map of proposed and existing thoroughfares and collector roads throughout each of the four precincts in Montgomery County. The interactive map indicates amendments to the previous plan, such as roads that were added, removed, realigned or reclassified from 2016 to 2021.

The study to update the plan takes into account recent and future population, employment and vehicle traffic growth; and performance of the existing and proposed roadway networks.

The updated plan will include prioritized lists of short, mid and long-term recommended improvements, funding opportunities and tiered implementation strategy.
It will incorporate findings from the Precinct 3 South Montgomery County Mobility Study, as well as the ongoing Precinct 2 and Precinct 4 mobility studies.

The three-week public comment period on the virtual public meeting website ended at noon on Friday, June 11.
Road Project Updates

The Gosling Road widening and bridge project went out for bid in early June. Bids are scheduled to be opened June 21, with construction expected to start 90 to 120 days after that.

The project will widen Gosling Road to a full four-lane boulevard between Creekside Forest Drive in Harris County and Gatewood Reserve Lane on the north side of the project in Montgomery County. It will result in two 12-foot lanes in each direction. The road pavement will be 10-inch jointed reinforced concrete with 8-inch stabilized subgrade.

The widening includes the construction of a 1,817-foot bridge crossing over Spring Creek for the two new southbound lanes. The existing bridge lanes will become the two northbound lanes. The sidewalk and existing 8-foot shoulder along the northbound side will remain. The new southbound bridge will have a safety shoulder for motorists to access in case of vehicle breakdown.
“We are excited to get this very important connector between Harris County and Montgomery County built,” stated Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack, who partnered with Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle on the project. “This is one of the most utilized routes between The Woodlands and Harris County and will greatly improve both safety and mobility for motorists traveling on Gosling. It is great to see leaders in Harris and Montgomery County working together to make this happen.”

Northbound Gosling Road at the intersection with Creekside Forest Drive will be restriped to allow two through lanes of traffic and a left-turn lane. Some minor adjustments will be made to the emergency traffic signal at the intersection with The Woodlands Fire Station No. 8 to account for the new southbound lanes.

Additional detention will be constructed on the north side of the project.
The joint project between Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Harris County Precinct 4 is estimated to cost approximately $8.1 million. Montgomery County’s portion is $4 million. This is one of the final Precinct 3 road improvement projects being funded by the November 2015 road bond approved by voters.

The project will be contracted to be completed within 429 calendar days upon start of construction.
Bridge beams to be installed this week on Rayford Road by Spring Trails Park Drive

Project Update: D&W Contractors began placing the beams for the bridge on Rayford Road by Spring Trails Park Drive this week. The work started at 4 a.m. Tuesday, June 15, and the contractor expected the approximately two dozen beams to be installed by the end of the day.

Residents and other motorists in the area can expect delays and flaggers directing traffic in the area. Alternate routes are suggested that day.

In addition, the contractor is scheduled to start work this week on the improvements at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection and continue concrete pavement pours along Rayford Road. Residents should expect traffic delays and adjustments at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection with ongoing roadwork at that location.

Scope of project: The project will widen Rayford Road to four lanes from approximately 40 feet east of Waterbend Cove to approximately 400 feet east of Birnham Woods Drive. A new concrete roadway will be constructed on the south side of the existing Rayford Road lanes to create the two new eastbound lanes. The existing road will be for the two westbound lanes along that stretch. Left-turn lanes also will be added for eastbound and westbound traffic at most of the intersections.

The construction includes an additional bridge for eastbound Rayford Road traffic just east of Spring Trails Park Drive.

The project also involves constructing a traffic signal at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods intersection and widening Birnham Woods Drive to four lanes from approximately 600 feet north of Rayford Road to approximately 600 feet south of Rayford Road. All four Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection approaches will have a dedicated left-turn lane.

Contract length: 360 calendar days
Kuykendahl Road widening contractor continues work on bridge, dirt

Project Update: WadeCon LLC continues to make progress on the bridge drill shafts at Bear Branch and has moved to the south side to continue those pours.

In addition, dirt preparation work continues along the approximately 1.5-mile-long project which will be followed by stabilizer and then concrete pavement later this summer.

CenterPoint Energy continues work on relocating a 12-inch gas line along the project, while Entergy is relocating its underground power lines in the area.

Scope of project: The project will widen Kuykendahl Road from a two-lane half boulevard to a four-lane full boulevard from Lake Woodlands Drive to Research Forest Drive.

The project design includes construction of two 12-foot-wide northbound vehicle lanes from north of Lake Woodlands Drive to south of Bay Branch Drive with an 8-foot-wide outside shoulder along the new northbound lanes. There will be a new bridge constructed over Bear Branch for the northbound lanes that have the shoulder as well as a walkway, mirroring the existing bridge.

The two existing lanes will become the southbound lanes once construction is completed.

Contract: 365 calendar days
Flintridge Drive repairs

Work is scheduled to start the week of June 21 on the concrete pavement and asphalt shoulder replacement along an approximately 500-foot stretch of eastbound Flintridge Drive just east of the George Mitchell Preserve.

The project will take at least a week and will include subgrade repair and replacement. The road repairs are necessary after the Woodlands Water Agency needed to repair a sanitary sewer line running along the shoulder that is several feet underground.

Flintridge Drive will be closed to through traffic between Falconwing Drive and Rush Haven Drive for the duration of the project. Residents still will have access to the Mitchell Preserve coming from the west.
Asphalt Projects (Ongoing)

  • Rayford Road (East of Birnham Woods)
  • Last week, contractor Vulcan started work on reclaiming and overlaying the asphalt road along eastbound Rayford Road from east of Birnham Woods Drive to North Ossineke in the areas of Benders Landing/Benders Landing Estates. This is a major asphalt project that will take a minimum of two weeks to complete, weather permitting.

  • With the potential of the storm developing and possibly bringing heavy rain here Friday, Vulcan crews will halt rehab (stop removing existing road), place cement stabilized base today (two loads coming) and plan on starting to pave Wednesday on the stretch of asphalt they removed on the eastbound side.

  • Sections of westbound Rayford Road along that same stretch also have been identified for repairs.

  • Crews have been keeping the dirt watered to limit some of the dust.

  • Residents should expect alternating lane closures and traffic delays during the project and should slow down in the construction areas.
  • Geneva (North of Rayford Road)
  • Contractor Vulcan recently completed an overlay project on Geneva north of Rayford Road.
  • Winterberry Place
  • A section of asphalt on Winterberry Place, off of South Millbend behind the Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center, was replaced recently. Crews will finalize some grading on that stretch and curb will be replaced as well.
  • Riley Fuzzel Road
  • Contractor Vulcan is in the process of scheduling asphalt replacement on Riley Fuzzel Road in the Fox Run subdivision.
Striping Projects (Recently completed)

  • Cochran's Crossing Drive (From Woodlands Parkway to Research Forest Drive)

  • North Panther Creek Drive

  • Geneva Drive (South of Rayford Road)

  • Lazy Lane (South of Rayford Access)

Precinct 3 crews hard at work!
Between May 13 and June 12, 2021, Precinct 3 crews opened and completed 636 work orders. These are your tax dollars hard at work.
Want a simple and easy way to submit work orders to Precinct 3? Use the P3 Works mobile application to submit a work order today! We also have created an online desktop version as well that you can access straight from your desktop PC. Click the link below to submit a work order today!
Precinct 3
Precinct 3 Projects
Now on the Precinct 3 website, you can see the breakdown of every road bond project, including the estimated cost, engineering firm and progress. We also added information for other major projects and road improvements, such as striping.
What do we do?
How does Precinct 3 serve you? We put together a video to show you all of the services provided by Precinct 3.
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