International Conference News
Dear International Conference Attendees,

The 2021 International Conference Opening Ceremony is in one week!! The excitement is mounting!

Parents and coaches - please share this newsletter with your students. We do not have student emails and appreciate you keeping our students informed and engaged!

NEW: Review this detailed schedule for information about including amazing sessions for students and FPS adult leaders (coaches, parents, directors, etc.)

Don't forget:
  • MAGIC registration is open through June 20th
  • Invite your School/District/State Administrators and Educational Leaders to IC! Share this Link with Info!
  • Do you TikTok? The International Conference Service Project will focus on UPCYCLING this year. Fast fashion is a major theme in the Human Environmental Impact topic, and we want to raise awareness (ok, and have some FUN too!). Check out more information here! Follow @future_fashion_ on TikTok - information COMING SOON!

Check out the IC Info page for all things IC. This page will be updated with additional information as the conference approaches.

We are so excited!
FPSPI International Office Staff
MAGIC registration is now open. All IC coaches were contacted Friday, May 14, with information about the registration process, and the number of MAGIC students they are invited to enter. Information about the MAGIC event can be found here.
Accessing the 3D Virtual Platform
We will be releasing access keys and more information about the FPS International Conference 3D Virtual Platform Monday, June 7th for all to experience IC 2021 in a very unique way. You will be able to find information about this on our website here: IC Info.

You can read about how to use the system and troubleshoot small issues here now:
2021 International Scenario Writing Competition Champions

Read the best of the Scenarios from around the world and see what makes them champions!
Conference shirts - on sale NOW!
Check out the amazing t-shirts for International Conference 2021!

Sales will remain open through June 14.

Please note, the company is unable to deliver to Thailand and Turkey - we express our sincere apologies and will work with the Affiliate Directors of Turkey and Thailand for a solution (we ARE problem solvers after all!)
Competition Information
Scenario Performance

Subthemes can be found at this link! If you aren't sure how to create an unlisted YouTube video, check out our guide here.

Not sure how to submit your Performance? Instructions will be released soon, but you can watch the process in this video!
Scenario Writing

We can't wait to see what amazing stories competitors create! The Scenario Writing Future Scene will be available on FPSOnline beginning Monday, June 7, at 10am EDT.
Global Issues Problem Solving

For students that will be handwriting their booklet, and then uploading it into FPSOnline, the official PDF files are available for download from the IC info website.

And don't forget to check out this year's Presentation of Action Plan information! Mandatory props and quotes will be announced during the Opening Ceremony.
Community Problem Solving

CmPS interviews are underway! Don't forget to check out the interview tips posted in FPSOnline.

Eager to learn more about the incredible efforts implemented by CmPS students? You can read about them in the CmPS Summaries book. You'll also get to see them our virtual platform in the CmPS Showcase!
IC 2021 Stats
Wondering who you might meet during IC 2021? Here is a quick break down of who has registered for IC this year.

  • Participants from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States of America will be attending.
  • 203 GIPS teams and 114 GIPS individuals will be writing booklets.
  • 138 Scenario Writers will respond to a Neurotechnology Future Scene.
  • 47 Scenario Performances will be presented.
  • 63 CmPS projects will be shared.