December 2, 2021

Dear Friends and Donors,

Warm greetings from all of us at MIU . . . and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

This has been, and continues to be, a most exciting year! I have lots of great news to share with you. So pour yourselves a steaming hot chocolate and settle in.

Our galloping growth continues unabated, despite COVID, and this is so incredibly fulfilling, even with the inevitable accompanying growing pains. (Where do we house all these students? All these new faculty?)

Our beautiful campus is in the midst of an amazing transformation:

  • Our main campus boulevard, Robert Keith Wallace Drive, untouched since Parsons days, has now been completely redone in extraordinary fashion.
  • The Wege Center for the Arts is now reaching the full glory envisioned by its architects and our Wege Family donors, with its brand new Vastu entrance — aka, “the Grand Staircase, Plaza, and Sculpture Showcase.”
  • This summer we totally relandscaped the area in front of the Wege Center. Large rough-cut Iowa limestone blocks salvaged from a 19th-century barn were used to create a prairie-style rock garden using native plants, grasses, flowers, and trees.
  • Now, with the support of Ken and Sheila and Taylor Ross, we’re renovating the theater in that building, to be named the “Alexander and Beatrice Ross Theater,” in honor of Ken’s parents, both renowned artists.

And this is just a fraction of the campus-wide reconstruction of buildings, classrooms, student dormitories, faculty and staff housing, and recreational facilities — plus the acquisition of new land and buildings — that’s transforming our campus.
The area to the west of the Wege Center for the Arts has been totally landscaped, with the striking rock garden seen in the center of this photo and with the repaved Rover Keith Wallace Drive curving down toward Maharishi School at the right.

Nearing completion — Construction of the beautiful Vastu entrance on the east side of the Wege Center for the Arts. The planters at the bottom of the stairs, also at the top surrounding the sculpture pedestal, will be filled with flowers.

Newly renovated Maharishi Veda Bhavan, with new steps leading down to Wallace Drive, and Golden Jubilee banners on the lamppost here and throughout the campus.
Our enrollment is surging. Total university enrollment is 2,487 across all programs, locations, and modes of delivery. This is an all-time high.
And where are these students coming from? Everywhere — most often without leaving their homes. This chart shows that most of our students today are online.

This online growth recently received a huge boost in the form of a generous grant to support the “digital transformation” of the University from the Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation and the Schwartz Family Foundation.

This grant supports the upgrading of all things digital at the university — from training faculty in best practices of online and hybrid teaching to improving our IT infrastructure to using technology wherever we can to streamline operations and deliver greater value to those we serve.

We’re so grateful for this generous and timely support!
Our Computer Professionals program

Our ComPro program is gaining global acclaim. It is the second largest computer professionals program in the United States (and possibly the world). More than 1,100 students are currently enrolled in ComPro and its sister program, the Master’s in Software Development, on campus and online. We have more than 500 students on our MIU Campus right now from these two programs alone, and that number is rising.

More than 98% of these students find top-level jobs in leading US tech corporations (Google, Microsoft, Apple) within a few months of finishing 8 months of on-campus study. Companies are sending recruiting teams to interview and hire our graduates.
Our campus student housing, all freshly renovated, is now at capacity. It has now become necessary to whisk our ComPro students off campus as soon as their coursework is complete to make room for the next incoming class. (Classes of 130 students or more arrive four times a year.)

To make room for these students, MIU has just leased and is renovating major portions of the Fairfield Business Park building (formerly Books Are Fun) just north of town. We are in the process of acquiring that entire glorious building to serve as an IT Office Complex and Residential Park for our ComPro graduates, living and working alongside other tenant-companies like Cambridge Investment Research.

We have leased and are renovating large portions of the Fairfield Business Park building (formerly Books Are Fun) to house our ComPro students while they are in job search.

Renovation is underway to create dorm room suites in the Fairfield Business Park building, as well as bathrooms, a dining area, and meeting space.

In addition, we are acquiring major tracts of land contiguous with or near our campus. These will provide additional space for housing for our students, staff, and faculty.

Our Maharishi AyurVeda programs

Other programs are also growing rapidly, including our master’s and bachelor’s programs in Maharishi AyurVeda, now approaching 800 students. These programs are forcing a major expansion of our Maharishi AyurVeda clinic and clinical training facilities. Last spring we opened a new MAV research and training clinic in downtown Los Angeles, and we hope to open others soon in Texas and Florida.

We have strong and growing programs in Aroma Therapy and in Maharishi Yoga — an exciting new program designed to meet the huge national demand for certification programs in Yoga Asanas. We will extend that training to include all eight limbs of Yoga as expounded by Maharishi, available in its fullness in our increasingly popular Maharishi Vedic Science department and programs. This Maharishi Yoga program has the potential to become enormous.

Our new Doctors Fellowship course
Another new feather in MIU’s cap — Our new Doctors Fellowship course, spearheaded by Dr. Robert Schneider, offering training and certification to medical doctors in Integrative Medicine, with a specialty in Maharishi AyurVeda.

Integrative Medicine has recently become an approved medical specialization, akin to cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, etc. Many medical doctors are now keen to gain this certification, but there are few places they can get it.
Dr. Robert Schneider, Dean of the MIU College of Integrative Medicine.
The best-known program today is the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. We’re now launching a Fellowship program in partnership with the Andrew Weil Center, focusing on Maharishi AyurVeda while fulfilling all other requirements for an Integrative Medical certification.

Says Dr. Schneider: “Our new Doctors Fellowship program will really put MIU on the map for the US medical community.”

Creative Writing, Art, Management, Maharishi Vedic Science

We’re seeing so much growth and important development across other programs. Following our successful low-residency MFA in Screen writing, we’ve added two more low-res MFA degrees, Creative Writing and Visual Art. Our PhD in Management now has 107 students, 77 of them in China through two partnerships we have created. Our MA in Consciousness and Human Potential has grown to 61 online students around the world.


As you see from the surging enrollments in our Maharishi Ayurveda and Consciousness and Human Potential programs, we’re not just attracting more students, but many are coming specifically for the knowledge that makes MIU unique: Maharishi’s complete and total knowledge of consciousness — Enlightenment — the complete knowledge of consciousness through Maharishi Vedic Science and of perfect health through natural law-based, consciousness-based Maharishi AyurVeda.

In fact, hundreds of Maharishi AyurVeda students have become so convinced of the essential value of TM practice (i.e., real Yoga – transcending) for health that they have expressed interest in becoming teachers of Transcendental Meditation.

To meet this interest, we’re developing a Teacher Training Course to be offered at MIU. Then our students and others across the country can take TTC without leaving the country or (because this course is partly online) their jobs and families for many months. This will help us replenish the shortage of trained teachers and revitalize the teaching of Transcendental Meditation across the United States and throughout the world.
There’s an exhilarating feeling across the campus these days — bedecked as it is with glorious banners featuring quotes by Maharishi that are hanging on buildings and beautifully renovated lampposts across the campus. Thank you to the Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation and the Schwartz Family Foundation for supporting this initiative, and to so many others across the university.
All this amazing transformation has kept our stalwart faculty and staff (and me!) busier than ever. That’s why I’m late in sending many of my annual personal letters of gratitude to our precious donors for their 2021 gifts.

I apologize! I might have assigned that task to others, but I much prefer to write people myself. It uplifts me to acknowledge you individually — to appreciate the amazing support from all of you precious souls who have taken up the cause of Maharishi’s knowledge — you who truly comprehend Maharishi’s vision, who have responded to Maharishi’s call, and who appreciate the gift of Maharishi’s eternal Vedic wisdom and his commitment to an enlightened, happy, and peaceful world.

You inspire me and all of us so much. And it is our joint, sincere commitment to do justice — total justice — to the support you have given us and to reward the confidence you have placed in us.

Please, as this historic year comes to a close — a year that has been so difficult for so many but that has also brought such enormous growth to MIU — please give generously this holiday season to our crucially important Annual Fund. The Annual Fund supports our educational and operational efforts and fuels all the remarkable expansion we are enjoying today.

With my profound wishes for your health and happiness,

Joyous Holidays!

John Hagelin, President
P.S. Click below to see a short video showing the complete transformation of Robert Keith Wallace Drive.