Open Pairs Game 1:05 PM

0-500 Pairs Game 12:55 PM MONDAY     
0-300 Pairs Game 12:55 PM  WEDNESDAY
0-800 Pairs Game 12:55 PM  THURSDAY   

**Because the CBC is a Member Owned Club, there are no price increases for special games!**
CBC Reopening Survey
Our Board has made a considerable effort toward CBC’s reopening...which will include a very limited face to face opportunity, coupled with virtual games. As time passes, we will add face to face opportunities and virtual games will likely reduce.

Below is a link to a short survey that will allow you to assist the Board in the reopening process. Currently, we have one director available for Thursday play. Like virtual, numbers must be sufficient to hold a game...PLEASE RESPOND TO THE SURVEY...We must have your input before we can open. The survey will close March 31st.

As you consider your answers, keep in mind that our Board has approved an extensive list of precautions to include:

1.Upgraded HVAC filters with UV light kits purported to kill coronavirus
2. Retaining regular commercial cleaning services
3. No outside food/beverage
4. Hand sanitizer dispensers
5. Mask mandate
6. Proper table spacing
7. Wall mounted thermometer.
8. Bottled beverages available.
In addition to all the precautions that CBC is adding, ultimately each member must take responsibility for their own well-being. With that in mind, we are not requiring vaccinations; your own vaccination is your protection. One of our directors to this date is not going to get a vaccine.

Together, we can all look forward to safely re-opening our Club in the near future. It’s been too long!

CBC Board of Directors

Call For Nominations
The following positions are open for nomination:

(2) Columbia Bridge Club at-Large Board Members - 3 year term

You may nominate yourself or another member in good standing, by writing or emailing:

Karen Hansell
227 North Woodlake Dr.
Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: (803) 530-0700

Nomination forms will be posted on CBC Website and all nominations are due by 5:00 PM, March 31, 2021.

Note: A member in good standing is considered one who has paid their Annual Club dues and played a minimum of ten (10) club game in the last twelve (12) months.
Any questions or to request a nomination forms, please contact:

Bernetha Henry
Chairperson - CBC Election Committee
Email: pm9735@aol.com
Cell # 803-730-3179
Zoom Lesson! Wednesdays at 12:05 PM
Join us for a 30 Minute Lesson on Zoom!

Every Wednesday - 12:05 PM
Instructor: Jack Self

Zoom Link (same every week):
During these sessions, it will be beneficial to have a deck of cards that have been sorted into suits. This will enable attendees to lay out some of the situations discussed and see it "live" as they actually play along with Jack.
The CBC Virtual Game will follow the Lesson!
Two sections are scheduled:  12:55 PM 0-300 Pairs and 1:05 PM Open Pairs.

Masterpoint Milestones 
Silver Life Master (1000+)
Shelby King

Sectional Master (50+)
Sally McWilliams

Sectional Master (20+)
Velma Pruitt
SEBCC PostMortem Sessions

Want to see how you should have bid or played a hand? Join in the session after the game is over.

In preparation: Add SEBCCPOST to your Fiends List on BBO

After there game: Look for SEBCCPOST in the People tab and Click on it. When it opens, click on the BLUE JOIN box- in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the Voice button found on the Table Chat window to hear the session. (Follow the prompts on your computer)

The link for the optional Zoom access will be posted in the BBO Chat, you may join the session that way as well.
You do not have to play in the session that day to participate!

Older Sessions are also available on the SEBCC website. A great resource to work on your game!
Upcoming Special CBC Virtual Club Games
and Online Tournaments
Special Games and Events at the Virtual CBC
March 22-28

April 6
April 12-18
April 20
Stardust Week - Gold Points in Virtual Club Games

Hi-Lo Game +/- 500 MP Pairs
Charity Week 2X Black MPs (Check Calendar for Schedule)
Hi-Lo Game +/- 500 MP Pairs
Virtual Regional Tournaments and Other National Events
April 22-25
Tops and Bottoms

by Jack Self
I think every serious bridge player who wants to improve his or her game needs to find and cultivate a mentor. A mentor should be someone whose opinion you respect, who has your best interests at heart, and, most importantly, someone from whom you can accept constructive criticism without getting your feelings hurt. It does not need to be someone with whom you discuss every hand and every card you play, but someone who will step in when you do something wrong and explain to you what you should have done and why. It needs to be someone to whom you can go with a bidding or play question who will take the time to thoroughly go over what you should have or could have done and why.
My mentor when I was just learning to play (green as a gourd would be an appropriate simile) was Dr. J. Dan Duke, psychology professor at Appalachian State University and director and club president of the Boone (NC) Bridge Club. He is the one who led me through my first days of learning to play the game, and who, later on, explained to me the ins and outs of matchpoint scoring and team play. Whenever something went wrong, I’d go to him and ask his advice. He invariably would want to know why I did what I did, and, often, I could not give an answer because I had no reason. He sternly informed me one day that you always had to have a reason for doing what you do. “Don’t lead a trump on the opening lead because you don’t know what to lead,” he once told me. “Lead a trump because you want to cut down dummy’s ruffling power, or any other lead would likely give up a trick, or whatever other reason. But do have a reason.”
I learned an important lesson from him once about match point play when he and I were playing in a sectional together. I felt so inferior to him (and rightly so) and wanted to “prove myself” by playing a good game. We were playing in one of those two session Open Pairs events that were popular way back when. The top scoring 50% of the field advanced to the championship round and the lower 50% played in the consolations (we called it the “goat pairs”). The final score was the sum of the scores of the two games.
During our first session Dr. Duke and I had a whopping 73% game and were the odds on favorite to win the entire event. Alas, the fates had different ideas in mind! I was the declarer in a 3NT contract and had 9 top tricks and the only legitimate play for a 10th trick was to finesse dummy’s AQ of a suit. If it succeeded, I would make 10 tricks. If it failed, I’d be down several. I was full of myself, imbued with the glow of the 73% game, and feeling invulnerable. I took the finesse. It lost. Down several. We finished 4th overall.
On the way home that night, Dr. Duke asked me why I did what I did and I told him I was playing for a top. “No,” he said, “you were playing for a bottom.” He explained to me that 3NT was an ordinary contract that everyone would be in and everyone would face the 10th trick question. Most everyone would cash their 9 tricks for an average board and I should have joined them. When I protested that “average does not win an event,” he looked at me and said, “Neither does bottom.”
It led to a long discussion over several days, but here is the gist of what I learned from him.
1) Top boards are rarely earned. Most top boards are given to you by the opponents’ misplay, misdefense, or bad bidding. Wait patiently and take the top boards when they are given to you.
2) Sometimes you get “fixed” by the opponents who luck into a contract that no one else is in. There’s nothing you can do about it. No need to whine and moan. It happens to everyone. You can hate it, but you have to accept it.
3) Most bottoms are earned because you gave them away. You misbid, you misplay a hand, you forget to count trump, or something such.
4) You should aim for average on every hand. Try to reach the contract that most people are going to reach with your cards. Take a line of play that is most likely to succeed. Don’t go against the field in your plays without a reason. An example of this is holding K 5 2 in your hand an A J 10 9 in the dummy, most of the field is going to lay down the King and then finish the 10 in dummy. Leading the J from dummy at the first play of the suit and letting is ride is going against the field and playing for a bottom (unless there is some reason you have to believe that that particular play is going to succeed).
Summarizing what he told me: Play for average. Take the tops that are given to you. Don’t give away any bottoms. That still sounds like a recipe for winning bridge to me.
CBC Players Taking Advantage of the Additional Playing and Learning Opportunities on BBO
with the
Southeastern Bridge Club Consortium
Last month, the Southeast Bridge Club Consortium (based in Knoxville, TN) welcomed the Columbia Bridge Club to its consortium of more than 30 regional bridge clubs! The SEBCC Mission is to keep bridge players of all levels engaged and excited about bridge.

SEBCC offers games four times each day: 9:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. Every session has both Limited and Open games available (Open games are awarded extra Masterpoints when there are also Limited games at the same time). 

This has been such a good place for CBC members to play in limited masterpoint games. These game range from 0-99 up thru 0-750 - and you will not merged with another game. You will stay with your peers!

Want to play and don't have a partner? Sign up on the Partnership Desk and make a new friend. Just ask Ellis Tesh - he earned GOLD in each of the 3 games he's played in this Monday and Tuesday with players he met on the Partnership Desk. Congratulations Ellis!

The best way to understand their offerings is via the SEBCC online schedule
They also offer ... 
Club professional (national champion), Kevin Wilson does three short (45 min) lessons each week on BBO. They are called Bridge Bites with Kevin. They are at 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. They are free. Go on BBO and look for Kevin. His BBO player name is "Grypho". Click on his name and then, in the popup box that appears, click JOIN to come to his table. They use BBO Voice and Zoom for each session. On Monday he does hands of the week, on Wednesdays he does a series (currently on the 12 habits of highly effective bidders - very advanced), and on Saturdays he usually answers questions that people send through email or BBO mail.


Live postmortems six days a week after both the 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM games. They are also free. Jim Ricker (ABTA Teacher of the Year) does the majority of these. They discuss the hands just played and answer your questions from these Common Game boards. Even if you do not play in the SEBCC game that day, you are invited to attend. Led by username "SEBCCPOST" at a BBO Teaching table OR you can go directly to zoom every day (except Sunday) at 3:15 and 6:15 with this link POSTMORTEM ZOOM LINK and you join the table as above. These postmortems are also recorded and posted on the SEBCC website - POSTMORTEM RECORDINGS.

These games are not intended to replace current CBC games, but are an additional place that you can play on a day or time when the CBC does not offer a game or a game with the masterpoint restrictions where you would like to play. With the SEBCC offering games 4 times a day, this partnership gives CBC players approximately 100 additional games each month!

All the SEBCC games (Southeastern/Knox) are now found on your virtual dashboard. You may also play with a guest in this club. If you have any questions or problems, contact Kathy Kimmerling (734) 476-4046
Support the CBC - Play in Daily ACBL SYC Games
ACBL has partnered with Bridge Base Online (BBO) and The Common Game to give you chances each day to earn black masterpoints online. Additionally, the majority of the game fees you pay will be given to your local club to support them during this difficult time.

Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Games are pair events. Games are held on BBO three times a day:
10:00 am, 5:10 pm and 7:30 pm.
Registration opens two hours before game time. You can play with any other ACBL member who has a BBO account.

NEW! Daylong Tournaments are solo events played with robots. In this game, you have up to 24 hours to complete your game, and it doesn’t have to be played all at once. You can even pause in the middle of a hand.
Play a few of the 18 total boards in the morning, some more after lunch and the rest in the evening. Or, play them all in one sitting! Register anytime, and you’ll have until midnight Eastern time to finish the boards.

Both events use matchpoint scoring, and masterpoints earned in these games will count toward District and Unit races.
99'er Virtual Game - Every Night 7:00 PM

Play with your friends from the CBC, or make some new ones in Districts 9 & 7 & 24 !!
Play 12 relaxed boards at approximately 7½ minutes a board.
This game pays back to the players' home clubs; the CBC will receive $3.00 every time you play in this game. Lesson before the game and Hand Analysis after. Great way to improve your game and support your club!
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