Hello! Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The birds are outside and they're starting to chirp, the sun is out and it's warming things up, it's nearly spring! Other than happiness to all, Spring brings more volunteer opportunities for our Department as we can start hosting events outside again. That's not to say we didn't have a few folks who braved the cold weather and helped us out during the winter, but boy howdy does some warm weather help to encourage everyone to want to get outside. This year will continue to be a bit different than years in the past but there is one major difference from 2020, this year we are equipped and ready to roll. We have protocols in place, ideas in our heads, and we will be needing your help this year so please stay tuned to these announcements as they come.

One of our longer and more successful volunteer efforts continues this year. Many have signed up in years past and come back year after year.
Unfortunately, as with last year, we are not able to host an in-person Spring kickoff party like we used to, but! We have all of the information from last year ready to send out in an email again. If you sign up at the link below, we will be sending instructional videos of what we ask of volunteers. A brief overview of what you will be doing:
Volunteers are assigned certain blocks in the cemetery, this is an area marked on a map that the volunteer will be responsible for cleaning during the year. This is essential for keeping up with all of the lands our cemeteries cover. If you are interested, please sign up below.
Dog Park Ambassador

Do you love dogs? Did the picture above make you inadvertently say "Awww, who's a good pupper?" out loud? If the answer is yes, we can use your help as a dog park ambassador at one of our 3 dog parks. Ambassadors act as our Departments eyes and ears at the dog parks to let us know how things are running and if there is anything we can do. If you are interested, please reach out to parksvolunteer@dmgov.org for more information about the responsibilities and background checks.
Water Quality Monitor

The quality of Iowa's water has been a focus of Polk County for years now. The City of Des Moines has taken on a number of locations to report bi-weekly numbers to their team. We are looking for help from volunteers to qualify to check the water quality at a few of our spots. The process to qualify involves taking a class with Polk County. For more information please email Ginny Malcomson and she will be able to walk you through the process of what they need for a volunteer to qualify.
Finally, if you or a group you belong to is looking for one-off volunteer events, please reach out to us. We currently have a small list of projects that we can use help with. parksvolunteer@dmgov.org