2021 President's Welcome & Membership Drive Information
As you read this letter during the second snowstorm of the past week, I would like to relay what the Board has been working on. Since the election on January 23rd, the Board has started laying the groundwork for more transparent and accountable governing practices. We are developing an LPCC communication policy and a new committee structure; beginning to offer an electronic payment option; and exploring best financial reporting and governance practices.

Included below is our 2021 Maintenance Fees form, which includes a Committee Interest Form and the option for either check or Venmo payment. Members can now complete their Maintenance Fees form online or print the attached PDF. In the interest of conserving funds, we will wait until March 1 to mail membership packets, and only those residents who have not completed the online form will receive said packets via postal mail. If you have any questions about this process after viewing the options below, please email lpccmembership@gmail.com or contact a Board member.

While the Bylaws give the President sole authority to form committees, I have asked for and received Board consensus for a new committee structure. We are confident these committees will engage our members and provide for better communication, planning, and enjoyment of our shared facilities. We are calling for interested members to join one of the following committees: Membership and Hospitality, Social, Beach and Property Maintenance, Communications and Public Relations, Lakefront, or Governance. A general description for each committee is included in the Membership Packet, the online form, and on the website. The Board is creating a scope and charge for each committee, but our intention is that each committee will be member-led with a Board member acting as a facilitator and liaison. As LPCC is beginning its Membership Drive and a calendar of events for the year must be organized, our most timely committees are Membership and Hospitality, and Social. We are calling on you to join any committee(s) of interest in whatever capacity you are able. The Board is committed to every voice being heard and considered.

Our next Member Meeting will be February 25th at 7pm via Zoom. A link will be sent out along with the meeting agenda no later than February 19th. Future meetings are already scheduled and are listed below. As we near Summer, the Board will assess whether additional meetings beyond those currently listed will be scheduled. These meetings will be communicated as soon as they are determined and, for the time being, all member meetings will continue be held via Zoom.

I am looking forward to overseeing these organizational updates, hearing feedback from members on how we, as a community, are organizing toward common goals, and seeing the energy of members’ ideas and skills be displayed in our communal progress. I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood and at our next meeting.

Brian Schkeeper
President, Lake Pine Colony Club
Lake Pine Valentine Exchange
Join in a socially-distant Valentine's Day celebration! From 11am-2pm on February 14, children and the young at heart will display boxes and bags near their mailboxes or front doors and deliver valentines to all participants. Click below to sign up, and see here for great Valentine ideas from Breyana Kelly, who organized this event!
Upcoming Meetings & Events
2.14.21, 11am-2pm - Valentine Exchange
2.17.21, 7pm - LPCC Board Meeting
2.25.21, 7pm - General Membership Meeting
3.2.21, 7pm - Book Club - The Midnight Library
3.4.21, 7pm - Social Committee Meeting
3.31.21, 7pm - LPCC Board Meeting
4.14.21, 7pm - LPCC Board Meeting
4.22.21, 7pm - General Membership Meeting
5.12.21, 7pm - LPCC Board Meeting
6.16.21, 7pm - LPCC Board Meeting
6.24.21, 7pm - General Membership Meeting
9.23.21, 7pm - General Membership Meeting