Volume 8
Premium List
The National Premium List is posted on the BaRay Events website and can be found under the enter a show tab. 

Entries opened Monday, August 23, 2021 at noon PDT.  

The BaRay website link is:  https://www.barayevents.com/enter-show
Age Restricted Classes
Every year, a few exhibitors are disappointed when they arrive at the National and find out their dog can't be shown or a placement/award is vacated by the AKC. To help you decide which class is the correct class or whether your dog can be exhibited at the Regional or National, we are providing you with information on AKC policies for multi-day single shows and on the restrictions placed on dogs co-owned by judges.
Age Restricted Classes
The AKC classifies the DPCA Regional and National as multi-day single shows. This can make entering the correct age-restricted conformation class tricky. The age of your dog or bitch is not always determined by their age on the day they are being exhibited. 
The AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows, page 12, Sections 4 & 5 state:
In a single show with multiple days of judging, the first day of a show is considered to be the first day on which there is regular conformation judging in accordance with Section 3 of this chapter. (Sweepstakes and Futurities are not considered regular conformation classes.)
The Regional is a two-day single show. The age of your dog/bitch is determined on the first day of regular conformation judging for the Regional, which is Saturday, October 9, 2021 . Easy enough for all of the classes being judged Saturday (including Sweepstakes.) The class you enter is based on your dog's/bitch's age on Saturday. For the age restricted bitch classes and veterans classes on Sunday, the age of your veteran or bitch is based on their age on Saturday, October 9.
For example, if your bitch turns 12 months old on Sunday, October 7, she is not eligible for the 12 to less than 15 month class, and must be shown in the 9 to less than 12 month class on Saturday. A bitch that turns 15 months old on Sunday, October 7, would be shown in the 12 to less than 15 month class because she was not 15 months old on Saturday. A veteran that turns 9 or 11 on Sunday, would be in the 7 to less than 9 years and 9 to less than 11 years, respectively, because they had not turned 9 or 11 years of age on Saturday and were still eligible for that class. 
The National is also a multi-day single show that starts on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and runs through Saturday, October 16, 2021. The age of your dog/bitch is determined by their age on Thursday, October 14, 2021 , the first day of regular conformation class judging. Whatever age your dog/bitch is on Thursday determines their age for the entire National, including Futurity on Wednesday
For example:
  • Futurity: If your puppy turns 6 months old on Thursday, October 14, he/she is eligible for the 6 to less than 9 month Futurity class (as long as he/she was 2021 Futurity nominated). A puppy that turns 9 months old on Thursday, October 14 should be entered in the 9 to less than 12 month Futurity class, not the 6 to less than 9 month class.
  • Friday Bitch Classes: Enter your bitch in the class that corresponds to her age on Thursday. If your bitch turns 9 months old on Friday, you still enter the 6 to 9 month class, and so on and so forth. The same rule applies for veteran bitches, as they are also entered in the class that corresponds to their age on Thursday. 
Judge Exhibiting Restrictions
Exhibiting a Dog Co-owned by a Judge on the Regional or National Judging Panel
Many of the judges on the Regional or National panels are Doberman breeders. If one of the AKC-approved judges on the panel (Dawn Danner, Nancy D. Simmons, Jan Van Wormer, Philip Martin, Bob Vandiver or Adrian Woodfork) co-owns your dog/bitch, that dog/bitch may not be exhibited in any of the conformation classes at either the Regional or National. Further, any dog/bitch co-owned by a judge may not be entered in a performance event on the day that judge is actually judging. 
As stated on page 4 of AKC Rules for Conformation Judges:
Exhibiting and Handling [P] Conformation judges and household members (as defined in Chapter 11, Section 13 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows) may not exhibit any breed and judge on the day of, the three days before and the three days after an assignment within 200 miles of the assignment. Sweepstake/Futurity judges may not exhibit on day(s) they judge. Sweepstake/Futurity judges will continue to be allowed to exhibit the day before and the day after the event they judge. A multi-day specialty is considered one event, and the restriction will apply for the duration of the event.
For all exhibiting restrictions: Exhibit refers to personally handling a dog or any dog owned or co-owned regardless of who handles the dog and where the dog resides. Exhibitor restrictions apply to all members of the same household.
Once again, the multi-day single show rule comes into play. The Regional ends on Sunday and the National starts on Wednesday, and the 2 shows are within 3 days of each other (Sunday and Wednesday), so the exhibiting restriction applies to both the Regional and National. 
Sweeps and Futurity Judges may not exhibit in the show they are on the judging panel of. You cannot exhibit a dog co-owned by Michelle Kramer in the Regional or by Gwen DeMilta, Sue Korp or Holly Schorr in the National conformation classes.