April 23, 2021
Family Enterprise Entertainment
Dear Global Family Enterprise Community,

Happy Friday! In honor of the upcoming Oscars (Sunday, April 25th), we have selected our Family Enterprise nominees         

  • A Concerto Is a Conversation (nominated for Best Documentary Short, directed by Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers): This movie is about the Composer and Co-director, Kris Bowers, and his grandfather, Horace Bowers, where they trace back their roots from Jim Crow to the present day. 

  • Minari (nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score directed by Lee Isaac Chung): This film shows the struggles and ambition of a Korean-American family (the Yi family) and what they have to go through after recently relocating from California to rural Arkansas during the 1980s.    

  • Over the Moon (nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, directed by Glen Keane): Fei Fei is a bright, smart, imaginative young girl who has recently lost her mother. After an argument over dinner, she decides to build a rocket and fly to the moon with her younger brother, to prove to her family that the Moon goddess is real. In this heartwarming Netflix animated movie, you will see a family come together to support a grieving young daughter.   

If you have any recommendations of your favorite movies, series, or books, please send them to: familyenterprise@gsb.columbia.edu.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay tuned …

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