We are pleased to share with you our 2021 Synod Assembly Final Review publication for you to share with your congregation. Please follow this link that will take you to our Synod Assembly web page. On this page, you find a link to download a PDF version of the 2021 Assembly Final Review publication (be patient, it's a fairly large file).

You will also find a link to livestream recording of the Assembly on our Synod YouTube channel, as well as a link to a Google Drive folder which contains many of the videos shared during the Assembly for you to view and/or share in your congregation. In addition, the link to the companion recorded worship service provided for Sunday, May 2 is also found on this page.

On behalf of the staff of the Pacifica Synod, we give thanks to ALL who made 2021 Pacifica Synod Assembly possible. For our voting members who participated on Zoom, those who watched the livestream, special guests, Assembly Planning Team members, Conference Deans, and Synod Council. We especially thank Bethlehem Lutheran in Encinitas for being our streaming site and for their hospitality, for Big Dog Sound (Tom Hoegel and Chris Larsen) for their production expertise, as well as the many volunteers who helped staff the positions necessary to ensure that everything ran smoothly. You are all appreciated and loved!