January 2021

Preparing for
The Year of the Ox
Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong makes predictions for the coming year every December. Last year he was very on target with his prediction of the virus, the stock market, and many things that happened.
I took detailed notes on his predictions for 2021, the Year of the Ox, and what we can do to prepare to have a successful year. He even explained which family members will be challenged by the 2021 energy and what they can do for protection. My notes are under “Why I’m Doing It”.
Master Lin's Suggestions last year
kept our family safe and healthy!!

I admit, last February when I watched Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin’s December 2019 video predicting what would happen in 2020 it got my attention. He had predicted a virus and it was already happening. I followed his suggestions and we had a healthy, happy and successful year.

His predictions for 2021, The Year of the Ox, are below. You can bet on the fact that I’ll once again be doing what he says. :)

****Please keep in mind, these are MY notes on his talk and I may not have gotten everything down with perfect accuracy. To watch his predictions and hear from the Master, go to springforestqigong.com, click on “Community”, then go to “Qi-Talk”, select “The Energy of 2021”. The Qi-Talks are posted for a month or so. If you want to watch it go sooner rather than later.

My notes......

This year the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn plus the solar eclipse will affect our planet’s energy flow including the energy of nature, the world, our country and each of us as an individual.

In the “On the positive side” list below you will see that many areas of the planet, including North America with the exception of the Southeastern, Southwestern and North Central USA, will have a very good and strong energy. Business will grow and people will be in harmony.

There will be many unexpected events - both good and bad - all over the world.

In the “On the cautious side” list below you will see there will be challenges in the areas where the energy is not good - South America, Africa and Russia and it’s bordering countries. We can expect natural disasters, conflict and accidents - especially in the parts of the world that are challenged by this year’s energy.

The natural disasters often may happen when Jupiter and Saturn are aligned may include floods, earthquakes, volcanos and fires.

This year there is an unknown force forming in the Universe with an intention to balance and harmonize the Universe. It will help to lighten the natural disasters, the conflict and the unexpected accidents although we can still expect small wars and some unexpected accidents. If, as the people on this planet, we do what we need - (live in love, forgiveness, harmony - Meredith’s words) - we will invite the universal force to protect us.

On the positive side:
  • People are so hungry to find a way to understand the truth and spirituality and will be seeking both. They have had too much confusion over who is telling the truth.....who is right?
  • A spiritual awakening has started. Science and spirituality are finding a way to meet each other and it will continue for at least 20 years
  • People will be asking “What is the purpose for me to live on this Earth?”
  • They will seek to find what they can do that is meaningful for themselves, their family and the world.
  • In February and March the virus will come under control.
  • There will be explosive and rapid growth in technology.
  • This year the universal energy will support creativity. It is a great year to go with your CRAZY ideas!!
  • New styles and ways of living are going to happen.
  • People will be looking to belong to a community which offers healing, forgiving, belonging and understanding.
  • There will be increased co-ordination among world leaders, especially after March.
  • The USA energy is strong and good. After March our energy will grow better and better.
  • There will be more peace and business activities in the Middle East.
  • Australia and New Zealand have the best energy for prosperity.
  • The traveling business will have a huge development. Any business connected with travel will be a hot business.
  • The businesses that will do great are new technology, health care, alternative medicine, travel, real estate and spiritual development.
  • The new energy will be favorable to move from competition to co-operation into inter-dependency.
On the cautious side:
  • South America’s energy will be challenged. There are strong possibilities of natural disasters and a virus affecting the digestive system - stomach, spleen and intestines. Be very cautious of this continent, especially after September.
  • Small wars may happen in Russia and related countries.
  • There will be lots of unexpected events. Be prepared for this to happen.
  • While the US will be stronger and more stable this year, we might have challenges in the stock market from the end of August on.
  • The energy in the USA will be challenged in several sections: the Southeast, Southwest and North central section. The energy will be “ok” in the Northwest. Be cautious about buying stocks whose companies are headquartered in the challenged areas.
  • The Southwest energy is related to the Earth. In this section real estate will only be ok.
  • In the North Central part of our country there may be floods and unexpected accidents.
  • In the Southeastern US there may be flu and more virus.
  • In the Northwest the energy will be ok - not good, not bad.
Related to family members:
  • The energy is good for most family members including the oldest and youngest sons, the middle and youngest daughters.
  • The energy is ok for the fathers. It would be beneficial if you would regularly send them blessings.
  • The energy is not good to support the oldest daughter, mother, grandmother and the middle son. Each of these family members need your blessings regularly this year as they need protection. The energy may bring them difficulties this year.
Master Lin suggested how to keep the energy around these family members strong for protection. He said to think of it as doing something in their favorite area of the house - where they spend a lot of time - to “clean up” the energy to support their health:
  • Oldest daughter - plant, metal vase with 8 pennies and water inside, if you have a fireplace spend time near it, 30 minutes per day meditating. NO red color objects as this will strengthen the negative energy for the oldest daughter.
  • Mother, Grandmother - metal objects, the color red, candles, fireplace, a dim light on 24 hours per day to transform the energy, NO plant or water in this area.
  • Middle Son - a plant (6 lucky bamboos are ideal), metal vase (or glass is ok). No rocks or stones.
  • Father - purple crystal ball at least 5” in diameter, plant with big leaves.
For the house:
  • The energy in 2020 was intense and needs to be cleaned. Burn incense at home. Put sticks of incense in your car. If you travel, put 3 sticks in your luggage.*
  • Play the 6 Word Chant and Heart Sutra Chant.*
  • The energy this year is not in good harmony for family relationships. To balance the energy to be more harmonious, place the following in the Southeast corner of the house: a music box, evergreen plants, flowers (no roses or flowers with thorns as the thorns create conflicts), or a metal vase with dirt inside. Knives represent harsh energy and fighting. If you have knives in the open in the Southeast corner of the house, put them in a drawer or cover them with a red cloth as “fire” controls the metal in the knife.
  • If your front door is facing Northeast, East, South, or West the energy is good. No need to boost the energy at the front door. Remove all objects to keep the entryway empty so energy can come in.
  • If your front door is facing North put a plant (6 lucky bamboos are ideal), metal objects. NO rocks or stones.
  • If your front door is facing Southeast place a plant and metal objects. NO red color objects as that will strengthen the negative energy.
  • The Southeast is the most negative part of the house. Men should be aware of the fire energy going on there. Watch your emotions and your temper in that area of the house.
Recipes for strengthening immunity, prepare and eat or drink one time per week or at least once every 2 weeks:
Ginger Tea
  1. 3 slices of ginger
  2. 1/4 lemon
  3. 4 Chinese dates without pits
  4. Make tea with honey to taste
  1. 1/4 cup mung bean
  2. 1/4 cup red bean
  3. soaked 1/2 cup of tremella
  4. 1/4 cup soaked kelp
  5. 2 slices ginger
  6. 1/3 gallon of water
  7. Boil then turn to low heat for 1/2 hour
  8. Add brown sugar to taste
If someone in the house has the flu or a virus, put a cup of vinegar (any kind) on the stove and heat it. It will transform the flu or virus energy.

Please remember, doing everything listed above will be very helpful in harmonizing the energy around you - BUT - as Master Lin says, the very BEST thing you can do for protection is to keep your love in action. Practice love.....Unconditional Love:
  • Call upon your Higher Power or your Master’s love energy to strengthen YOUR love
  • Consciously hold love in your heart 24/7
  • Do good deeds as that will attract good energy to you
  • Forgive
  • Be kind

I hope you enjoyed Master Lin’s predictions.
May your creativity flow and
may many blessings and love come your way for 2021!!

*Both chants are on YouTube. I like the versions available to download at springforestqigong.com. I also purchase a wonderful sandalwood incense on this site.

Certified Human Behavior Specialist
Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Level 3 Spring Forest Qigong Healing
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