New FME NMO Cable Mount Series
Simplify Mobile Radio Antenna Installations
E/M Wave, Inc. announced two (2) new high quality FME-NMO cable antenna mounts. The NMO mounts include 17 ft. of premium RG-58/U or low loss (LL)195 coaxial cable and factory attached FME female connector, saving professional technicians time and simplifying mobile radio antenna installation.  
The FME NMO mounts provide the same heavy-duty all brass, silver-plated contact, quality construction used on all E/M Wave NMO mount models and eliminate the crimping and soldering of the cable connector. Vice President of Engineering, Robert Truthan, adds: “These new FME mounts will reduce installation time and improve overall mobile radio installation quality.”
FME NMO mounts are designed for all applications requiring high quality NMO antenna mounts. In addition, FME adapters to accommodate all mobile radio connector termination requirements are sold separately.
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Public Safety, Hospitality, Security, Retail, Transportation
Police Security Expo
The 2021 Police Security Expo was held August 24-25, 2021, @ the Atlantic City Convention Center. Sponsored by the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police, public Safety professionals experienced the latest in emergency vehicles, communications, weapons, and specialized officer safety products. In addition, E/M Wave, supported by Alpha Sales Group, displayed our full line of mobile antenna solutions, including the new EM-M43002 Tri-band 150-162 / 450-490 / 763-870 MHz mobile antenna and EM-M11001-FME ¾” Hole Mount Cable Assembly.
AERCQ Canada
E/M Wave will be exhibiting at the AERCQ trade show Oct 13 in Quebec Canada.

The Association of Entrepreneurs in Radio Communication of Quebec (AERCQ) is the only association in Quebec that shares and defends the interests of entrepreneurs in radio communication.
The AERCQ has been the investigator of major changes, in order to improve the requirements and some ways of doing Industry Canada, Spectrum management. All this while keeping as objective to facilitate the work of our members and give them better tools.
Southern California APCO
CA APCO California APCO L2021 Vendor Showcase & Public-Safety Training will be held Oct 26-28, 2021 at Montebello, CA. Over 50 vendors showcase their products and services for Public Safety & 9-1-1. E/M Wave Inc. representative RF Works will attend this event.

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