This year there are two publications being honored as recipients of the
2021 Ruth Lovell Murray Book Award

(Ruth Lovell Murray is pictured in a black dress, positioned just left of center)
The 2021 Winners

Susan Koff:

Dance Education redefines the nature of dance pedagogy today, setting it within a holistic and encompassing framework, and argues for an approach to dance education from a soci-cultural and philosophical perspective.

In the past, dance education has focused on the learning of dance, limited to Western-based societies, with little attention to how dance is learned and applied globally. This book seeks to re-frame the way dance education is defined, approached and taught by looking beyond the privileged Western dance forms to compare education from different cultures.

Structured into three parts, this book examines the following essential questions:

- What is dance? What defines dance as an art form?
- How and where is dance performed and for what purpose?
Doug Risner and Karen Schupp:

The first of its kind, this volume presents research-based fictionalized case studies from experts in the field of dance education, examining theory and practice developed from real-world scenarios that call for ethical decision-making. Dilemmas faced by dance educators in the studio, on stage, in recreation centers and correctional facilities, and on social media are explored, accompanied by activities for humanizing dance pedagogy. These challenges converge from educational policies and mandates developed over the past two decades, including teacher-proof "scripted" curriculum, high-stakes testing, standardization, and methods-centered teacher preparation; difficulties are often perpetuated by those who want to make change happen but do not know-how.
About the Award
The National Dance Education Organization invited nominations for the newly established NDEO | Ruth Lovell Murray Book Award, honoring outstanding book-length publications in dance education and recognizing authors who conduct an exemplary inquiry that advances the field. In recognition of Ruth Lovell Murray (1900-1991), a pioneer in the field of dance education, the annual award honors books published in the English language during 2020 and 2021. The Ruth Lovell Murray Book Award, NDEO’s inaugural book recognition honor, contributes significantly to the visibility of dance education professionals and their work, as well as the vitality of outstanding scholarship and publication excellence in dance education.

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