Dear Parents,

The Science Fair this year will be in a different format from previous years. Students will complete their experiments at home and share the results on a class web page.

All students will write a lab report using the format below. Students should also take photos and or videos of themselves completing the experiment. Final project work should be uploaded to Google Classroom and is due March 10th.

Fourth-grade students will experience their first science fair by experimenting with bridge-building. The scientific method will be explained in class, and the experiment will be completed at home. The lab directions for building Bridges are available on Google classroom.

Fifth-grade students may choose their own project idea or do an experiment on Parachutes. Directions are on Google classroom.
Sixth-grade students may choose their own project idea or do an experiment on Insulators. Directions are on Google classroom.

Adolescent Program students can find directions and due dates in Google Classroom.

Lab Report Steps

Background information on the topic (Suggested for 6th grade)

The question being answered or the reason for doing the experiment

Outline of the steps of the experiment (“recipe”)

Apparatus or Materials    
A list, pictures, or drawings of equipment and materials

An educated guess made prior to experimenting

A record of all data, which may include a journal, pictures, charts, and tables

Results and Explanation

Sources for all information
(Suggested for 6th grade)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Sally Fitzgerald