January 22, 2021
We are joining with the nationwide campaign, Souper Bowl of Caring, to collect food in the week leading up to the Super Bowl (February 1-5). The food we collect will be given to the Manna Food Bank, with the exception of Wednesday when the items we collect will be for hospital care packages. Bringing the items listed below EACH day will allow you to wear spirit wear that day (for all students).

High School students, you will give your items to your 1st period teacher as your “spirit wear pass” for that day.

Middle School students will bring their items to their 2nd period teacher (except for Wednesday--bring them to your 3rd period teacher).

PK/Elementary students will bring them to their homeroom teacher. Please only send what your PK/Elementary child can carry independently.

MONDAY, February 1:
  • HS: a box or bag of rice
  • MS: a package of dried beans
  • PK/ES: a package of rice and/or dried beans

TUESDAY, February 2:
  • HS: a jar of peanut butter
  • MS: a jar of jelly
  • PK/ES: a can of Spaghettios

WEDNESDAY, February 3:
(these donations will be used to create care packages for hospital workers to be distributed by Mr. Leard, a chaplain at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights):
  • 10TH-12TH GRADE: - box of granola bars, chip bags, gold fish, popcorn, cookies, or peanut butter crackers etc.
  • 9TH GRADE: a box of individually wrapped tea (like Twinings)
  • 8TH GRADE: a six pack of bottled soda or gatorade
  • 6TH AND 7TH GRADE: travel size lotion and a full size candy bar (or two!)
  • PK/ES: we will make cards for hospital workers during class this day

THURSDAY, February 4:
  • HS: a box of Dry Cereal
  • MS: a jar of pasta sauce and a package of pasta
  • PK/ES: a box of Hamburger Helper

FRIDAY, February 5:
  • HS: canned soup
  • MS: canned fruit
  • PK/ES: canned soup and/or canned fruit