Inside ITRC
Summer Newsletter
July 13, 2021
Welcome to the ninth edition of ITRC's biannual newsletter, showcasing key events from Winter 2020 & Spring 2021.
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In This Edition:
A Message from the Director
Coming Up Next!
2021 Team News
ITRC Partner News from ASTSWMO
Did You Miss Our News? 2021 Recap
A Message from the Director
Happy Summer ITRC Members and Friends,

What a busy first half of the year it has been at ITRC! As you will see in our Inside ITRC Newsletter, we hosted a great virtual spring meeting, seeing nearly 1000 registrants, and kicked off three new teams in January that are really picking up steam. We also launched two new teams this month, Quickening Environmental Solutions & Training (QUEST) and Performance-Based Optimization of Pump & Treat Systems. All new teams are looking for additional members to join them. Now is the time to make an impact and guide those new products.

We know folks are anxious to network in person and we recognize the importance of in-person meetings. Now that most travel restrictions are being lifted, ITRC is planning to host a very special 2022 Annual Meeting the week of March 28th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stayed tuned for those details and activities later this Fall.

All the progress to keep ITRC moving forward throughout the pandemic would not have been possible without your continued support. We hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to seeing everyone in Salt Lake City next March. If you have any concerns or suggestions to enhance ITRC, please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the Board.

Coming Up Next!
2022 Technical Team Selection
ITRC received 10 final proposals competing for selection as a new 2022 Technical Teams! The final selection will occur in August, and new teams will be advertised on the ITRC website. ITRC expects to start up to five new teams in 2022 and will need you to help make these teams a success. We expect registration for new teams to open in December 2021. 

2022 Annual Meeting
We can’t WAIT to see you in person March 28 – April 1, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah! This will be our first in person meeting since March 2019, and we have lots to catch up on! Keep an eye on the ITRC Meetings webpage for updates.

Board of Advisors – Future Openings
State Agency employees are wanted for future openings on the ITRC Board of Advisors! This is your chance to get more involved in the leadership of ITRC. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Patty Reyes, ITRC Director, at

We are preparing to say thank you Doug Bacon (UTDEQ) for his six years serving as the ITRC State Engagement Coordinator! This position will be appointed in January 2022. 

Industry members are also encouraged to participate in the recommendation of the IAP Liaisons to the Board! This process will start in Fall/Winter 2021 and be an opportunity for any ITRC IAP member to explore the option to serve as the IAP Liaison to the Board. Stay tuned for specific communication coming soon.

A Co-Chair position will also be elected in March 2022! The process for soliciting nominations will start in January 2022, but if you have any interest in learning more, please reach out to current Board members or the ITRC Director. 

ITRC Trainings
ITRC continues to partner with EPA Clu-In to host live internet-based trainings, and we still have 16 more classes scheduled to finish out 2021! You can look at our 2021 Internet-Based Training schedule to see which ones you will join us for.

ITRC is also developing new training on Risk Communications! This will be a new, interactive format for our classes and is scheduled to debut in Fall 2021. 

Interested in having an ITRC team or class hosted for your organization? ITRC partners throughout the year to host trainings and would be excited to discuss opportunities with you! Please contact Patty Reyes, ITRC Director, at to get the discussion started. 
New Summer 2021 Teams!

Join us to streamline training and employee orientation opportunities across a wide array of environmental topics!

Let’s work together to explore common Pump &Treat (P&T) systems, summarize best practices, and understand how P&T can be planned for a sustainable approach and work toward an exit strategy.

2021 Team Updates

Expect the team product and training to be publicly available in Fall 2022! It’s not too late to join the more than 400 registered team members to help detail best practices across a wide spectrum of environmental data. The first team meeting was in April 2021, and the team is busy working on their guidance products.

The final Microplastics guidance document will be live in November 2022. The team started in January 2021 and is working on initial draft products to be reviewed internally by the team in September.  

The new interactive training series is under development now and set for release in Summer 2022! The team is working on the roadmap on how to apply existing ITRC regulatory guidance documents to hydrocarbon sites. Training materials under development include case studies, introduction videos, and training course materials.

Building on the success of the initial HCBs Team, the HCBs Benthic guidance document is expected to be released in Spring 2022. The team started in January 2021 and is working on draft products for internal review.

With so much new information on PFAS, the ITRC PFAS Team will continue to evaluate new information and develop new products to keep all products and training current on this continually emerging topic! More than 600 members of the team will continue to work through the end of 2022, releasing new information throughout the team lifecycle – Stay Tuned! This team is moving fast. 

With over 2,000 comments on the document seen during their recent external review, the SBR team is working hard on their third document draft. The team spent the majority of their April 22 spring meeting on designing their training, and their document is slated for release in December of this year! 
ITRC Partner News From ASTSWMO
ASTSWMO recently held its 2021 Virtual Mid-Year Meeting; between April 22nd and May 4th and across the dozen different sessions, there were over 1000 unique attendees. Recordings and presentations from the sessions can be found on the ASTSWMO website.

The ASTSWMO Annual meeting will be held October 28 & 29 in Arlington, Virginia. This is the first in-person meeting for ASTSWMO in two years! This year's meeting theme is Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG). Registration will be opening soon.

ASTWMO hosted a number of webinars this past year covering a wide array of topics from PFAS to Drone Survey Laws. These webinars have all been recorded.

Did You Miss Our News? 2021 Recap
Remember that if you miss any of our communications, you can get all caught up on our ITRC News page on the website! 

In June 2021, ITRC launched the new ITRC website! In addition to the public website, the team private pages received an update to improve the functionality and collaboration options for each team. To join the new ITRC Connect space, register or sign in here!

POCs continue to support ITRC document reviews, technical team surveys, and dry runs of new ITRC training courses! The SEP welcomed six new POCs this last quarter (below). The SEP strives for organizational outreach and state involvement in all program areas for ITRC. For more information or to get involved, please visit the State Engagement Program page on ITRC's website. 

Matthew Carey
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Alex Richards
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Undine Johnson
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Terri Mavencamp
Montana Department of Environmental Quality
William Bosan
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Mike Haseltine
North Carolina Department of Natural Resources

More than 900 people registered for our virtual Spring Meeting! Attendees were able to join any of the six technical team meetings and see what each team is working on in real time. ITRC hosted an Environmental Justice Plenary Panel that featured three subject-matter agency experts. If you missed it, click on the link below to watch the full Plenary Session.
Randy Chapman (VADEQ) started his three-year term as Co-Chair following the general membership election. His term is April 2021 – 2024.
Rebecca Higgins (MNPCA) was appointed to the Team Leader Liaison position following Randy’s Co-Chair election. 
PFAS - Released July 2021
This update includes a brand new section on Surface Water Quality and significant revisions for Ecological Risk Assessment.
Sustainable Resilient Remediation - Released April 2021
1,4-Dioxane - Released Feburary 2021
The popular 2010 ITRC document is now available as an interactive Web document!